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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Are you a Zippy Woman? Zestful, Inspirational, Proficient, Passionate, Youthful (in mind and outlook)

Avibrant woman over 50rticle by Caroline Carr

Are you a ZIPPY Woman?  You’re probably thoroughly ZIPPY already, or maybe your ZIPPY-ness has got a little lost somewhere for a while.

Confidence plays a large part in ZIPPY-ness, and confidence can come and go. Sometimes it takes a real knock. Life events can leave you reeling –  for example, when something didn’t turn out as you expected or hoped. Maybe you have been made redundant –  yet you have so much to give and contribute, and years of experience behind you. Unwanted redundancy can be devastating for many women, and if this has happened to you, your confidence and ZIPPY-ness might well wobble for a while.

And if you have been ill, or out of work – or just generally ‘out of the loop’ for a time, you might feel that you need a bit of a boost. For instance, you probably shine in certain situations where you feel comfortable, and then in others feel overwhelmed or uncertain. A typical example is that of being off or out of work for a while, and then finding the prospect of returning rather daunting, for all sorts of reasons.  And, if you experience anxiety or depression or are really stressed out, you will be wondering if you can ever get back to your old self and feel ‘right’ again.

Menopause can exacerbate anxiety

Or you might find that you suddenly feel panicky or anxious in situations that never bothered you before, for example, shopping in a crowded store, or whilst driving. The menopause can cause or exacerbate this too. I’ve worked with many women who begin to feel very panicky when they drive – for the first time in their lives. This can be so frightening and it certainly knocks your confidence. You start to wonder why, and worry about what’s happening to you, and what else might be in store.  Before you know it, you’ve unwittingly locked yourself into a cycle of worry and stress and anxiety.

And if your partner is depressed, the worry and vast range of other emotions you experience as a result, can sap you of your ZIPPY-ness and  leave you feeling totally drained.

The great news is that you can get that ZIPPY-ness back again. There are so many ways that you can help yourself to stay healthy, positive and resilient when you’re up against it. And as you feel more clear and positive, your confidence returns and your ZIPPY-ness becomes infectious! Others benefit from it too.

Being a ZIPPY Woman is exciting. And it’s possible for all of us!

I’m giving a talk called ZIPPY Women at the Vitality Show in London on March 23rd at and 24th. Also a workshop called How Not to Worry on 24th

Photo credit: Tanatan




Founder of LET THE SUNSHINE IN - a unique recourse for those who want to connect with their bright side, especially when their partner is depressed, Caroline has been billed as The UK’s Leading Expert for Partners Living with Depression. She is a life and laughter coach, a hypnotherapist and the author of several self-help books, including ‘Living with depression’ and ‘How not to worry.’ Caroline has been interviewed on television and radio, is frequently quoted in the national press, and has written for a range of magazines and specialist health publications.

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