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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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What excuses do you give when you overindulge on a spending spree?

making excuses for overspending imageArticle by Fabafterfifty

We’ve all done it! Justified that impulse purchase, sneaked in that extra shopping bag, claimed to have had something in the wardrobe ‘for ages’! So what are the top excuses given by women feeling guilty after a shopping spree?

A third of shoppers use a pre-prepared list of excuses to justify their spending to their partners – ‘It’s a bargain’, ‘I need this to cheer me up’ and ‘it was on sale’ completed the top five.

Researchers found two thirds of the 2,000 women studied relied on excuses to feel better about spending money on themselves.

Half of respondents confessed they even hide purchases from those closest to them in order to avoid an interrogation.

The research, commissioned by money-saving website LoveFashionSales.com, found ‘I’ll get my money’s worth’ or ‘I really need this’ were regularly used, while many are convinced they have nothing to wear.

‘I’ve wanted one for ages’ and ‘I’ll wear it all the time’ rounded off the top ten biggest excuses for shoppers justifying their spending.

“Guilt is a natural reaction to indulging ourselves and it’s important to always be aware of our budgets.

“However, if we’re genuinely happy with something we’ve bought and the price paid we shouldn’t have to justify it.

“We’re often made to feel guilty for buying something we want and it’s no surprise to see “I deserve this” as one of the top excuses women use to reassure themselves.”

Over a third of women have recited their justifications aloud to themselves, ready for any grilling on their purchases.

Results found that the average woman has hidden three big purchases in the last six months to spare themselves being caught out on their spending habits.

The bottom of the wardrobe was the most popular hiding place for secret purchases, although four in ten use a drawer they know their partner will never look in.

A fifth of shopaholics stash goods under the bed, while kitchen cupboards and even the bathroom were popular hiding spots.

More than a quarter of women have lied to their partner’s faces over their spending, while the fibs stretch to parents, friends and other family for a sneaky thirty per cent of the study.

A calm one in five ladies has worn a brand new item of clothing and then pretended it was old when quizzed about it by their partner.

And 20 per cent purchase clothing and accessories when in the supermarket – because they know it will look to their partners like money spent on the food shop.

A forward-thinking one in ten women buy their partner a present when shopping, purely to soften him up so they can spend more on themselves.

Three quarters genuinely believe in the power of retail therapy, with the buzz of a bargain proving the strongest high – 70 per cent value the combination of new clothes with the feeling of saving money, while half feel justified buying an item if it has been discounted.

Almost half claim that internet shopping, with payment taken at the touch of a button, doesn’t feel like spending One third feel less guilty if shopping online and find it the best way to bag a bargain.

Interestingly, the research revealed that when it comes to indulging themselves, women preferred to spend money on clothes, shoes and handbags above holidays, spa treatments, hair appointments or food.

Top Shopping Excuses for Women Overspending

  1. I haven’t bought anything for ages
  2. I deserve this
  3. It’s a bargain
  4. I need cheering up
  5. It was on sale
  6. I’ll get my money’s worth from it
  7. I really need this
  8. I don’t have anything to wear
  9. I’ve wanted one for ages
  10. I’ll wear it all the time

Photo credit: Stuart Miles


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