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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Midlife Reinvention: Finding your passion in life.

midlife reinvention imageArticle by Karen Shaw

Do you know what your hearts desire is and your passion(s)? If someone said to you… what’s your mojo, your raison d’etre, your soul calling and your love in life… could you answer? Do you know? Many of us don’t actually know what our passions are.

We don’t know what we ‘want to do’. If I asked you now… ‘If you could do anything in life what would it be?’ Would you laugh off the answer? Are you? Or are you taking it seriously?

Too often, unless we have discovered a talent at an early age – an outstanding ability to sing, make people laugh, write, run a business or be some other kind of artist, we assume we have no particular talent. Boo hoo!

Yet we fill our lives with wonderful accomplishments: partners, families, charitable activities and work promotions. Surely we can also fill our lives with our passions too?  Or has something been stopping you?

Whatever it is, if you haven’t found your passions, it is never too late. Perhaps now is the perfect time for you to take a step back and consider what it would mean to follow your passions? The kids have flown the nest and / or life has presented you with a new opportunity and feeling of freedom. That chance to reinvent yourself all over again.

Don’t let it pass you by. Whatever it is that you have been doing as a hobby all these years because you love it; consider taking it more seriously. Could you develop it? Earn an income from it? Whatever you have been saying to yourself ‘one of these days’ I will do this, well NOW is the day. Go do it regardless of any ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’.

Our hearts speak in simple terms. We like things or we don’t. Our head, however, can fabricate all manner of stories, worries, concerns, options and results! Ever heard the saying – just follow your heart? If you do, you will never have to search for happiness. You can take that for granted. You will have inner contentment, energy, happiness and connectedness beyond your wildest imagination. And you will also discover that you have a passion – and a very unique talent. A particular aptitude and ability to do just what you love in a unique way.

How to find your true  passion in life

If you are not sure how to find that passion, then try the following:

  • Ask friends / family / bosses / what do I excel at? What characteristics  / traits define me?
  • Write down your main lifetime achievements to date.  Ask yourself what resources  / skills did I use to get those achievements? You will find these are your key strengths.
  • Create your own meditation, take a ride to a parallel universe where there are infinite possibilities. Give yourself permission in that realm to imagine another you with complete freedom of choice. Who is that you? And what are you doing?
  • Your passions are your own and nobody else’s.  Give yourself permission to be 100% you and make sure your passions / goals are ONLY for you and not what you ‘think’ you ‘should’ be doing due to your culture, upbringing, parental influence, opinions of others etc. Don’t let anyone else interfere with them.

Karen left the city ‘rat race’ to follow her passions. She knows how hard a decision it was but also why it was the key to beating her own depression. Author, qualified therapist and MBA accredited, Karen is now on a mission to help others engage with their passions either in the workplace or through their own business. www.innercommunications.com. Combatting depression and helping you to find your passions, mojo and love of life.



Main Photo credit: Whittnaya phonsawat



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