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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Could Nordic Walking be the answer to getting fit over 50 AND banishing bingo wings?

Article by Michelle Johns
We all know we should exercise more and walking is a great form of exercise but have you heard about Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking – it makes something most people can do even easier but twice as effective! It can even burn between 20 to 50% more calories depending on how fast you walk. In fact Nordic walking is the fastest growing sport in Europe, because it works!

Whether you are looking for a form of exercise for health and fitness, rehabilitation or even a new hobby this could be for you.

Nordic Walking offers a total body workout

Nordic walking works more of the body than normal walking without stressing your joints. It has been proven to give you a total body workout, using over 90% of the bodies muscles and even more if you talk as you walk! This means it is ideal as part of a weight management plan.

It is important to use specific Nordic walking poles and to be taught the correct technique by a qualified instructor so that you get the most out of Nordic walking but most people get the hang of it quickly and it soon feels very natural. Using the poles for propulsion, they become an extension of your arms helping to propel you forward whilst at the same time toning the upper body especially the arms and those dreaded bingo wings!

More than that Nordic walking also helps your body to release endorphins. These endorphins help to give you a “feeling of well-being” and are also linked with pain reduction in people with elevated levels of stress. Recent research has shown that when people exercise outdoors in the countryside and amongst natural beauty and wildlife, feelings of a higher state of wellbeing are facilitated. This evidence supports the use of Nordic walking for people with reduced mood states, feelings of fatigue, malaise, lethargy and depression. The social aspect of Nordic walking in a group helps you meet new people and share stories whilst enjoying exercise at the same time!

Michelle Johns runs a regular Nordic walking class at Black Park at 6.30pm on Tuesdays and also teaches private lessons www.michellejohns.com

If you would like to know more about Nordic walking contact:  www.nordicwalking.co.uk


Michelle Johns Bio

Michelle passionately believes that a life of optimum health, beauty and vitality is the balance of good nutrition, exercise, relaxation and good skin care. With this in mind she has used her extensive knowledge as a beauty therapist with over 30 years of experience and combined it with an anti-ageing nutritional concept and her belief in the many benefits of Nordic walking and Kundalini yoga to create Michelle Johns Holistic Health. Michelle loves working with her clients aiming to restore their inner beauty with outer radiance. She is genuinely rewarded by helping people with their health and beauty goals and seeing the results of her work in their increased health & vitality. Michelle offers a range of health and beauty therapies that deliver maximum results in a relaxed and tranquil environment at her clinic in Middle Green. South Buckinghamshire.


Telephone: 01753580275


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