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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Do you spend too much time feeling stressed?

feeling stressed imageArticle by Fabafterfifty.

Do you spend too much time feeling stressed? If so, you are not alone, according to a new study. Getting old, fears over job security and relationships issues also leave a dark cloud hanging over millions on a daily basis. Typically adults are losing 2 hours a day worrying about the strains of modern life, such as the high cost of living , feeling unfit and spiraling debt.

The study also found that extreme anxiety has left many of us unable to concentrate at work, brought on endless sleepless nights, and even caused further rifts with partners. And for many of us (45%) stress does directly affect our health.

Around 45% of those studied admitted stress and worry had directly affected their health.

Paul Keenan of Benenden Health said:

“It is a sad reality that stress is dominating our lives and having a severe impact on our work life, our quality of sleep and our personal relationships.

“The crunch comes when it begins to have a detrimental impact on our health – and 45% admit stress is already doing this.

Concerns over low energy levels, fearing the aging process or work concerns featured highly in the list of the most common worries.

While relationship concerns, like whether a partner is right for them or even still in love with them, burden the mind of many a typical person.

Stress creates disturbed sleep

Paul Keenan added:

In fact, the average adult experiences six nights every month where their sleep is disturbed or the quality reduced as a result of worrying.

Worryingly, one on four people doesn’t feel they have anyone who they’re able to talk with about their problems.

And three in ten bury a lot of things in order to get on with day to day life.

“It’s a small positive that 32% of people are taking stress issues to their doctor and seeking professional assistance.

“Brits need to ensure that stress is not taking over their lives without redress.

“They can do this by realising that a problem exists and not waiting until it is too late and their health is being severely impacted.

“The average person experienced 125 days over the last year where they had some sort of worry on their minds.

“There’s a huge range of resources available to help people tackle stress – especially online where help is available from organisations such as Mind and the Stress Management Society.”


  1. Stomach/ being overweight
  2. Getting old
  3. Lack of savings/ financial future
  4. Overall fitness
  5. Overdrafts and loans
  6. Low energy levels
  7. Credit card debt
  8. Paying rent/mortgage
  9. Job security
  10. Diet
  11. Keeping the house clean
  12. Finding a new job
  13. Sex life
  14. Generally unhappy
  15. Wrinkles or ageing appearance
  16. Whether or not I am attractive
  17. Physique
  18. Meeting work targets or goals
  19. Does my partner still love me
  20. Whether I’ll find or / are am with the right partner


1. Sleepless nights
2. Lost confidence
3. Arguments with partner
4. Reduced appetite
5. Poor performance at work
6. Distance from partner
7. Avoided a social event
8. Increased alcohol consumption
9. Got a bit paranoid
10. Nausea

On average we spend more than 5 years of our lives worrying.

Is modern life becoming more stressful?



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