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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Moments of Calm: Three Easy Exercises To Reduce Stress And Feel Calm At Work, Part 1

destress at work imageArticle by Ntathu Allen

Blessings and welcome Dear Reader to today’s Moment Of Calm, part 1 of three short blogs which gives you  simple suggestions  you can use  to reduce stress  at work which means you’ll have a more peaceful and productive day.

We know how precious your time is, so all tips, treats and techniques offered in this mini Stress Relief At Work series will be short and sweet and give you an immediate sense of calm and space in your day.

As usual, when you have finished reading this blog, please forward it to your friends and work colleagues, via your favourite social media site, who you feel will benefit from more Moments of Calm in their day. Thank you.

Three Easy Exercises To Reduce Stress And Feel Calm At Work

Here, in no particular order are 3 quick and easy exercises you can use right away to relieve tension in your body and  clear a  fuzzy head feeling caused by overwhelm and trying to cram too much into your dayJ


1. Take A Deep Breath In Through Your Nose And Slowly Breathe Out

Breathing deeply instantly energises your body, clears your mind and helps you refocus and work in a much more relaxed yet focused way. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and lower your shoulders and uncross your legs.  As you breathe in silently say to yourself the phrase “I breathe in peace” and as you breathe out, whisper quietly to yourself  “I release stress and tension”. Repeat 3-5 times.

2. Wiggle Your Toes

If you can, slip your shoes off. Sit upright with a straight spine, lower your shoulders, relax your jaw. Massage the balls of your feet into the floor for about 30 seconds. Next, stretch and flex your feet towards your shins and then stretch them away from you. Repeat 3-5 times.


3. Give Yourself A Hand Massage

Massage your left palm with the thumb of your right hand, them massage your fingers  on your left hand. Repeat on your other hand. Make a loose fist and rotate your wrists in small circles 3-5 times in each direction. Play a make-believe piano and then stroke down each arm, from the top of the shoulders all the way to the finger tips –  3.-5 times on each arm. Rest your refreshed hands on your lap.

How Do You Feel Now?

Although short and sweet, these 3 simple stress relieving exercises are ideal to slip in to your day to help you instantly unwind and create a sense of space and calm in your body and mind.

What Next?

What’s your favourite  quick and easy stress relieving tip to share with other readers? Write your tip in the comment box below and remember to also share this blog with friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook to send the peaceful vibe of love and positive energy around your office and home.

And in next week’s Moment of Calm we look at simple wholesome foods you can eat to help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and fullness inside.

Till then, stay blessed and be calm.

Thank you


Image credit: free digital photos




Yoga Teacher, Blogger and Author, Ntathu Allen teaches and encourages mums and working women how to weave rest, relaxation and self-care into their everyday schedule creating more energy, passion and time to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

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