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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Guided Walking Meditation – How To Walk And Have A Calm Clear Mind In As Little As 2 Minutes

finding calm over 50Article by Ntathu Allen

Blessed beloved friends and welcome to another Monday Morning Moment of Calm from Fab after Fity. As usual we are glad you are here and trust you are making the most of your day to be calm and stay beautiful. Today’s post is a simple Guided Walking Meditation, which you can do in as little as two minutes in your bedroom, kitchen, office space, in fact anywhere where you have space to walk in a circle or in straight line for a few steps!

What Is A Guided Walking Meditation?

Simply put, a walking meditation is a way of walking whereby you bring your attention inwards and pay attention to and embrace all the sensations you notice in your body as you walk.  It’s a beautiful practice and as with all meditation techniques, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes for you to experience a shift in your energy.


Walking meditation helps to ground your energy. If you spend a lot of time “in your head” worrying, anxious and frightened about a situation, a walking meditation is a great way to clear and calm your thoughts. As you pay attention to the experience of walking, the process helps to stabilise and balance your energy and brings a sense of calm and peace to your body.

How To Walk And Calm your Mind

  1. Find a quiet space where you can walk outside, ideally, barefoot, in a park or on the beach, undisturbed for 2-5 minutes. If this isn’t possible, then you can practice indoors. If walking indoors, make sure the area is clear of clutter and you can walk in a circle or take a few steps in a straight line and turn back again.
  2. Stand in a comfortable position and take a moment to observe your everyday breath. Gradually allow your breath to soften and deepen.
  3. Start to turn your attention to your posture and notice what you notice about the way you are standing; bring your awareness to the sensations and impressions you are aware of within your body. Stay focused on your breath as you continue to tune in to your body.
  4. Wiggle your toes and spread them evenly back onto the floor.
  5. Bring your attention to your eyes.  Have a soft downward gaze and focus on a point about 2 feet in front of your feet. Keep this soft focus throughout the practice.
  6. Take 3 more gentle steadying breaths…inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale
  1.  Start to walk following this pattern:
  • Breathe in and lift your right foot
  • Breathe out and step your right foot forward a few inches and place it back on the ground.
  • Slight pause as you observe what is happening within your body.
  • Breathe in and lift your left foot
  • Breathe out and step your left foot forward and place it back on the ground.


Repeat this pattern of coordinating the in-breath with the lifting of one foot and the out-breath with placing it back on the ground for 2-5 minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. Work to your own rhythm and enjoy the sensations and messages flowing from your body as you attentively walk for the duration of your practice.


Closing Tips

As you walk it is useful to pay attention to the following points:

  • Sense the movement taking place in your body.
  •  Notice the way your ankles, knees, thighs, hips and shoulders bend and straighten and move with each step and breath you take.
  • Observe the alignment of your head neck and back as you walk….don’t judge what you notice, just maintain a sense of open curiosity and wonder at your body as you coordinate each step with your breath.
  • What thoughts, feelings and sensations are you aware of as you walk?
  • How do you feel walking slowly and with awareness?
  • How often during your day do you pay attention to the way you walk and effect it has on your breath and posture?
  • If your mind wanders away from your body and you become aware of other thoughts, gently guide your focus back to co-ordinating each action of the walking process with your breath.
  • Practice as long as you feel comfortable and , gradually come to a stationary position. Pause for a few moments noticing what you notice and when you are ready, gracefully re-engage with your day.

What Next?

Of course we’d love you to share your experience of practicing this guided walking meditation.

How easy was it for you to do this practice?

And as usual, kindly forward today’s Moment of Calm with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.  You could even arrange to meet up one lunchtime and practice together in the hallway or Local ParkJ

Whatever you do, stay blessed, be mindful and give thanks for the life in the movements of the body.

Closing Words

And remember your feedback is important to us.  Let us know if there are any particular points of the day where you feel extra stressed and we will happily suggest a simple relaxation technique to reduce stress and help you regain your calm and sense of inner wellness.

Take special care of yourself and  Happy Walking

Thank you



Yoga Teacher, Blogger and Author, Ntathu Allen teaches and encourages mums and working women how to weave rest, relaxation and self-care into their everyday schedule creating more energy, passion and time to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

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