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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Today’s modern grandmothers are seen as style inspiration by their grandchildren

Article by Fab after Fifty

We ran a feature previously on the changing perceptions of grandmothers today (Are you a Glammy or a Granny) and it seems a new survey definitely suggests that today’s grandmothers fall in the ‘glam’ camp, with granddaughters looking to today’s modern grandmothers for style inspiration.

glamorous grandmothers

A new survey carried out by fashion e-tailer and home catalogue brand, Kaleidoscope , has revealed that 88% of British grandma’s now consider themselves to be ‘Glam-mas’, and are a serious force to be reckoned with in the style stakes.

With the average age of a British grandparent dipping below 50, Kaleidoscope have discovered that grandmas are now choosing to step away from their traditional stereotype and as a result have become somewhat of a style inspiration for many of their younger family members.

Of those surveyed, an incredible 92% stated that they actively followed the latest fashions, with classic and smart trends proving to be the most popular. Similarly, it appears that Grandmas today are on the pulse when it comes to what styles to avoid, with dresses above the knee and tight fitting pieces topping the poll as the biggest fashion faux pas.

This new breed of ‘Glam-ma’ is also determined to keep their wardrobes up to date, with 44% of those asked admitting to spending up to £100 each month on new purchases.

When it comes to celebrity style – Carole Middleton wins the battle of the royal grandmas with 40% of British grandmothers voting for her as their main style influence opposed to Camilla Parker-Bowles who received just 2%. Goldie Hawn and Mary Berry also scored highly.

Grandchildren see their grandmothers as style muse.

It appears that it’s not just the Glam-ma’s who rank themselves highly in the style stakes, as over 50% of grandchildren surveyed also agree that their grandma is a style muse – with the majority stating it is their grandmother’s attitude towards her outfit choices that they admire the most.

Helen North, Head of Marketing at Kaleidoscope comments:

“I think it’s fantastic to see from our survey results that so many grandmothers are enjoying fashion and feeling confident and comfortable enough to experiment with different styles and trends. As we’ve highlighted, the average age of a British grandparent is a lot younger than it used to be, so it is not surprising that the traditional view of what a grandma should look like has now become outdated.

A lot of these women will have spent many years working hard and raising their families so it’s great that they can now find the time to focus on themselves and have some fun with fashion.”

“There are so many super stylish grandmas in the public eye at present such as Carole Middleton and Mary Berry that are really leading the way for British women and providing them with a huge pool of style inspiration.”

Headline Statistics:

–          88% of British grandmothers consider themselves to be a Glam-ma

–          92% of Glam-ma’s actively follow the latest fashions

–          Glam-ma’s consider Carole Middleton, Goldie Hawn and Mary Berry to be their greatest style icons with Camilla Parker-Bowles voted the least stylish.

–          British Glam-ma’s spend up to £100 per month on keeping their wardrobes topped up

–          58% of grandchildren surveyed consider their grandma to be a style inspiration




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  1. Jo Carroll

    September 10, 2013

    Up to £100 a month on clothes!! – they’re obviously not living on a pension.

  2. Jaki Scarcello

    September 11, 2013

    I just found out that I am soon to become a Granny for the first time. So thank you for this inspirational article…off shopping now!

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