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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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The Fabulous Impact Of Being Fab After 50

ways to be fabulous after 50Article by Nicci Roscoe

Being ‘Fabulous After 50’ is something we can all do because we’ve had fifty years to learn how to look it, feel it and think it! Being confident from the inside out when we reach our fifties and beyond is a fabulous thing to aspire to.

When I was a teenager I used to watch programmes like Dynasty and Dallas.  My mother used to tell me it wasn’t real life. Luckily I didn’t live in fairytale land – well most of the time!

So how have we adapted our lifestyles and learned from these larger-than-life programmes?

Little did I know when I was watching Dallas and Dynasty that more than thirty years later I ‘d be helping people discover their confidence in business and life and rewriting their own script.

At fifty and over maybe there are situations we would not have believed we could handle in earlier years – especially dealing with someone like a Joan Collins character! Our self-belief and confidence is something we can grow into from our experiences and positive mindsets.


joan collins fab after 50 image


50 can be the age of authority, confidence and impact

If you think you’ve lost it then maybe it’s time to find it again – because fifty can be the age of authority, confidence and impact. There may be times we’re going through adversity, relationship challenges and career changes, but having fifty fabulous years is one of the best training courses life can give.

One of my clients had been promoted to executive level in the financial organisation she’d been with for many years. She’d recently gone through a divorce, turned fifty and had lost her enthusiasm for everything including her appearance. The head of development asked if I could help her regain her confidence as she was previously a very positive leader. I worked with her on my one-to-one six week executive coaching programme. I asked my client what she was doing to help herself. She said nothing – asking what was the point. She’d stopped exercising, eating healthily and bothering with her appearance.

One question I ask clients in this mindset is ‘Do you want to be a victim?’ She didn’t. I then asked her what her routine was a year ago. She told me she exercised four times a week, ate a healthy diet and enjoyed a great social life. She loved her job and enjoyed buying new clothes to look good as well as feel good.

So what happened? The thought of being fifty frightened her because she was now divorced and thought no one would be interested in dating her. And to make matters worse, she worked with a team in their twenties and thirties.

Old can be a state of mind

Old can be a state of mind and a habit that we can slip  into if we don’t start rewriting our scripts with our own outcomes.

How we perceive ourselves, and how others perceive us is based on the confidence and energy we project to each other.

My client started to exercise and eat healthily again. Her energy levels rose. She felt so much better about what she could achieve. Engaging with colleagues became exciting again.

When I’m doing my executive coaching work or speaking to conference audiences I help them remember what they’ve achieved and how good it feels to step into positive memories. This could be signing a lucrative contract or remembering how having a healthy lifestyle gave them more energy and focus in business and life.

Knowing you can do it and remembering what you have achieved can help you do it again. A positive attitude, positive focus and positive thinking can make your fifties fabulous.

Think how you can now take control of challenges that ten or twenty years ago you would have struggled with. I refer to situations like this in my book Fabulous Impact: Step Into The New You & Rewrite Your Own Script

In times of uncertainty and challenge, think about a time you felt confident and achieved what you wanted.

We can choose to step into any movie or television script we want to because it’s our mindset that drives those choices. By doing this we can be inspired to move forward and make positive choices.

I loved the glamour, the exciting plots of life at South Fork. Watching the battles between Sue Ellen, JR and Bobby was compelling.


nostalgia of dallas image



I was glued to the Dynasty games Joan Collins (Alexis) played with Linda Evans (Crystal). The battles they had over John Forsythe (Blake) about money and love were riveting. Their envy jumped off the screen into my parents’ living room!


dynasty shoulder pads image


I was also besotted with their clothes featuring big shoulder pads – which I remember wearing at some point – and you ‘fab after fifty’ readers may remember well.  They reminded me of American football players about to go in for the kill!



dynasty cast image



A highlight of my late teens was when I received an invitation to go to an event for Max Factor make-up  and – OMG – sat next to Pamela Ewing. I didn’t think of her as Victoria Principle. I will always remember how petite she was – with perfect hair, skin and make-up.

I had the best seat in the house at that press lunch and talked to Pam about her beauty and exercise regime. We journalists were asked not to ask about Dallas. I was dying to say ‘so Pam tell me about Bobby!’

We all came away feeling fabulous and with fabulous copy for our features.

You can do the same by remembering the fabulous times you have had. By rewriting your script you can renew these feelings, thoughts and moments.  Bringing your wonderful memories into your positive mindset can give your lifestyle and business a powerful fabulous after fifties impact.

Enjoy this scene with Crystal and Alexis in Dynasty. It made me laugh! Check out those shoulder pads too!



Nicci Roscoe, Executive Coach & Inspirational Speaker. Fabulous Impact www.nicciroscoe.com





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