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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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What To Wear For A Walking Weekend In The Country

autumn walk imageArticle by Emily Mills

Golden leaves and crisp weather means one thing for many outdoorsy people – autumn walks and exploring the countryside. Getting out in the great outdoors is a fantastic feeling at this time of year whether it is a brisk walk in the countryside or a seaside stroll. A weekend in the country doe n’t have to be two days of 5 hour up-hill expeditions; a morning stroll followed by a pub lunch is equally as enjoyable. The trickiest part is finding clothes to wear that are practical but stylish too.

Here’s our guide to choosing what to wear if you’re heading to country this autumn.


1)  weekend walking boots image    These boots are made for walking…

Unsurprisingly, the most important part of a walking outfit is your shoes! Depending on the difficulty of your walk you need to make sure your feet are well supported but comfortable too, there’s nothing worse than reaching the end of the road and being in absolute agony.

Walking boots with ankle support are the best option for a walk but you’ll also want to take another pair of shoes for walking around built up locations.


2)      It’s all about the jumper…

From cable jumpers and Aran sweaters to pattern and prints, jumpers come in forms to suit all tastes. However, wearing a thick jumper and a coat isn’t necessarily the right attire for a walking weekend. If you’re a seasoned walker then you’ll know that it’s all about layers. Wear a thin jumper underneath your coat or jacket to avoid having to carry unwanted clothing round for the duration of your walk. Save your thicker jumpers for the evening at the pub!

3)      Waterproof…

waterproof walking jacketStunning scenery aside, autumn weather can be extremely unpredictable so make sure you take a waterproof jacket along with you, much like most seasons in the UK…

Ladies waterproof jackets come in all colours and patterns whilst still being practical, such as this waterproof jacket from Cotton Traders will brighten up walking wardrobe.


4)      Take a backpack

Despite making a comeback in the fashion world, it’s still quite tricky to pull off the backpack and look chic but on a walk, handbags just are n’t practical for a day out in the countryside. Choose a solid backpack that will store all your essentials, water etc. whilst supporting your back at the same time.

5)      Walking trousers vs. trousers

walking trousers imageThe main difficulty with a walking weekend comes with deciding whether or not you can get away with wearing your favourite comfortable jeans. The main thing to consider here is how much walking you’re actually planning on doing – if you’re heading to the country but only plan on going on a walk for a couple of hours then jeans will suffice, so long as the weather holds out. However, for the more serious walker you’ll want to look into getting some walking trousers and they’re not only breathable but comfortable too. Walking trousers might not seem the most stylish option for walking but a pair of plain black walking trousers will mean that you can team it with a top of your choosing.


There you have it – a guide to walking essentials that are practical as well as stylish.

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  1. Jo Carroll

    November 23, 2013

    All very glamourous – but I live in the countryside – your clothes will get muddy, and possibly wet, and so need to be easy to wash and dry quickly. I’d ditch the lovely cable sweater (so heavy when wet) and swap it for a fleece, or layers of fleeces.

    And don’t forget the thermal vest if it’s cold – you might look like your granny but it will keep you warm.

    And if you can borrow a walking pole, all the better. If you aren’t used to muddy paths or slippery hillsides, anything that helps keep you upright is a bonus.

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