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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Finding Balance In Your Busy Life – 5 Ways To Calm Your Mind

5 tips for staying calm imageArticle by Ntathu Allen

Bless you gentle friends and welcome to another Moment of Calm post “Finding Balance In Your Busy Life – 5 Ways To Calm Your Mind

It is easy, even as “wise women of the world”, to neglect your own care and focus on your family, work and grandchildren. Yet, as you know, a few moments of “Me-Time” does wonders to restore balance and calm in your life, especially if you are caring for elderly parents or relatives, running your own business and playing an active role in your children’s life.

To help you stay on top of things and keep your needs on the table and energy flowing, here are 5 easy self-care exercises to help you maintain balance and calm in your day.

Finding Balance In Your Busy Life – 5 Ways To Calm Your Mind

Finding Your Balance Tip #1: Take A Deep Breath In Through Your Nose And Slowly Breathe Out

Breathing deeply instantly energises your body and clears your mind, which makes it easier for you to refocus and regain your balance.

Here’s How: Make sure you are sitting comfortably and lower your shoulders and uncross your legs.  Turn your attention to your breath and as you breathe in silently say to yourself the phrase “I breathe in peace” and as you breathe out, whisper quietly to yourself  “I release stress and tension”. Repeat 3-5 times.

Finding Your Balance Tip #2: Make A Prune Face

Here’s How: Screw your face up by pulling your eyebrows together, suck in your cheeks, screw your lips up towards your nose. Hold for a count of five and slowly release. Repeat 3-5 times.

Finding Your Balance Tip #3: Spend Your Time With Positive People.

Have you noticed that when you are around certain people you feel drained and emotionally flat? Whereas other people leave you feeling inspired, energised and rested. Wherever possible spend time with positive, optimistic people. Their energy will lower your stress levels.

Yoga is the perfect antidote to stress

Finding Balance Tip #4: Practice The Mountain Yoga Pose

Yoga is the perfect antidote to stress and finding balance in your life. The Mountain Pose can be done discretely when you’re in a crowded place or by yourself.

Here’s How:. The Mountain Pose – Tadasana

1. Stand with your feet slightly apart; make sure your feet are parallel. Spread your toes and open the soles of your feet downwards.
2. Rock your weight gently back and forth until your weight is evenly distributed through both feet.
3. Feel the soles of your feet opening into the floor. Do not lock your knees.
4. Tuck your tailbone downwards towards the floor.
5. Lengthen your spine from your hips. Draw up your kneecaps, thighs and relax your abdomen.
6. Gently roll your shoulders up and back, to create space in your rib cage.
7. Next, relax your shoulders, to create space between your ears and your shoulders and to allow the shoulder-blades to relax. Open your chest, so it is nice and broad.
8. Let your arms relax by the side of your thighs.
9. Lengthen the back of your neck, feel as if your crown of your head is lifted up towards the sky, have a soft gaze and release any tension you may have in the jaw.
10. Stand tall and steady in the pose. Take 5-10 rounds of deep yogic breathing. Then relax and slowly come out of the pose.

Finding Balance Tip #5: Give Yourself A Massage

Self-massage is one of the easiest ways to calm a busy mind, especially if you have trouble falling asleep at the end of a  hectic day.

Here’s How:  Massage the balls of your right foot into the floor, press your foot down in all directions for about 30 seconds. Relax and repeat on your left foot.

Rest your elbows on a table, lower your head and place your finger tips on your temples. Close your eyes and use your finger tips to massage your temples. Stay focused on your breathing as you gently massage your temples. Do this for at least one minute.

Closing Thoughts

Taking time to find balance and shut down your busy mind allows you to be less critical and stressed about the way things are going in your life and develop a more compassionate and flexible approach.  Being mindful of the way you breathe,  practicing facial yoga and general yoga, giving yourself a massage and surrounding yourself with positive people are easy self-care tools you can use to calm your busy mind and regain focus and balance.

What are your favourite techniques to calm your mind and relax, especially when you feel frazzled and stressed. Please share your tips in the comment box below and if you enjoyed this post, kindly like and share.

Have a peaceful day


Image credit: Freedigitalphotos


Yoga Teacher, Blogger and Author, Ntathu Allen teaches and encourages mums and working women how to weave rest, relaxation and self-care into their everyday schedule creating more energy, passion and time to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

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