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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to age-proof your make-up

age-proof your make-upTips from Veronique Henderson of Colour Me Beautiful 

As we get older it can be too easy to get stuck in a make-up rut where we continue to wear our make-up in the way that we were first taught.  This is probably because we feel confident with the colours and the products that we have been using.   As we age, however, our natural colouring changes which means that the colours we wore in our twenties may no longer flatter us and may also not be age appropriate.  Think blue eye shadow and frosted pink lipstick!

Subtle changes to your make-up can disguise minor signs of ageing

Making some subtle changes to your make-up routine can help to disguise the minor signs of aging and help to make you look and feel younger.  A light touch with your make will help to ensure that laughter lines and wrinkles are not emphasized.  Avoid heavy concealers, foundations and powders as these will build up in your lines.  If you suffer from broken capillaries, and they can appear anywhere on you face, the best way of disguising them is to use a green based skin primer under your foundation, this will help to camouflage them and create the illusion of an even skin tone.

By the time you reach your fifties you will have a well-established make-up routine, now is the time to take stock and change the colours that you are wearing.  Take a look at yourself the next time you apply your make-up: is it making you appear older than you are? Are the colours working for you, or are they draining colour from your face?  As we age our natural  hair and skin tones change often becoming softer and cooler.

 A good foundation is essential

A good foundation is a must.  It is worth taking the time to consult with a beautician to ensure that the shade you wear is the right shade: you might need to mix two together to get the correct one.  It is important that your foundation gives you the correct covering, too heavy and it will draw attention to any fine lines or wrinkles you may have.  If you use face powder, keep it to the bony parts of your face, cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin: heavy powdering can tend to sit in the lines and accentuate them.   Cream blush can be really flattering and is the perfect way to add definition to your cheek bones.

Defining your eyebrows is essential.  Eyebrows frame your face so it’s worth getting them looked after professionally.  If they are thinning use a coloured pencil to fill them in, you might like to get them tinted, but do avoid the temptation of having them permanently tattooed.  Whilst the initial effect might be great, it is likely that they will lose their definition as you age.

 Has your eye shape changed?

You may have noticed that your eye shape has changed.  You may have developed hooded eyelids or your eyes may have become more deep set.  To help correct the appearance of hooded eyelids you should apply an eye base evenly all over your lid, then apply a light coloured eye shadow all over your eye.  Using an eye pencil draw it two thirds of the way along your lower lid from outside corner inwards.  With an angled or contour brush and a neutral colour apply eye shadow in an arch on the fleshy part of the skin that hangs over the lid. This will help to minimise the expanse of skin.  To help combat deep set eyes apply a light colour all over your eye area.  Then using an eye pencil draw a fine line along the edge of the upper lid and halfway along underneath.   Applying a bright apricot / pink colour in the socket of your eye will help to bring It forward.   Brown or brown black mascara is more flattering than black and is less aging. Use your mascara to define the outer edges of your eye and do not apply to your lower lashes.

 Create the illusion of a fuller mouth

Medium to light lipsticks will give your mouth a fuller look and are more flattering than very dark browns and plums.  If your lips are thinning don’t be tempted to resort to collagen.  Use colour to create the illusion of a fuller mouth.  After applying your lip base, use a natural pale pink or peach pencil on the outer edge of your lip line and fill in.  Then use the lightest colour lipstick from your palette before applying lip gloss to the centre of your lips to plump them up.  If you have fine lines around your lips and find that your lipstick bleeds the trick is to apply a firm line of lip pencil to your lips both before and after applying lipstick.   Be careful with your choice of lip product, soft lip gloss or very dark lip sticks tend to bleed into the fine lines.

Veronique Henderson of Colour Me Beautiful  (www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk)

Image credit: Make-up Manual by Colour Me Beautiful



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