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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Bounce Back Tuesdays! Sophia…….

Article by Sharon Eden

“After all these years, I am still

Sophia Loren burst into my consciousness from a 1960’s television screen.  She was resplendent, passionate and indestructible.  She also had a sweet vulnerability which positively underpinned her strength.

She oozed spirit and sexuality; 1000% life energy, purpose, passion and power.  She took everything the World War II movie threw at her and then bounced back for more.

It was only in my 40s that I realised Sophia had saved me.  Despite my very dysfunctional earlier life as a woman, I came to understand she had unconsciously influenced me with the potential of the woman I could become.

Simultaneously… no accident that!… I discovered the similarly delicious and ancient female energy called Sophia.

Sophia is wisdom and the feminine aspect of the divine.  Whatever magnificent female figures resonate with you, from the Madonna to Kali, from Mary Magdalene to Venus, from Mother Theresa to your current female icon, Sophia is there.

And in you!  Both the movie Sophia and the wise, divine Sophia; two sides of the one.

Who me?  Yes YOU woman.

And it seems to me, despite the bravado (or not) of our younger years, we need the maturity of age to reclaim our own magnificent Sophia within.

How polite I’m being with my words.  What I really want to do is embrace you with big shaking hugs and to yell and shout… “Sophia is your birthright and inheritance, woman.  Reclaim her.  Reclaim her NOW!”

She’s there for you, both in her passion and quiet form to help bounce you back into life whenever you need.

Put on music with a great beat.  Kelly Clarkson does it for me with songs like What Doesn’t Kill You… Yeah, that one!  Or Anastacia’s Seasons.  Then, in the privacy of your own home, dance your tights off… literally!  Let go of your respectability and shake your booty like it’s the end of the world.

When you feel the energy pulsing in your body… that’s Sophia in her passion and bounce-back-ability.  So…

Call on your own Sophia within in tough times for the strength and resilience to see you through.  She won’t hesitate to hold and help you.

When you normally say yes to a request when you don’t want to, connect in a nano-second to your dancing Sophia and say, “No… unable to do that.”  And, when you’d normally say no to a positive opportunity, call on your dancing Sophia for a magnificent and rumbustuous YES! instead.

Schedule your diary to include reflective times and slow walks

When you want to connect with her wisdom and divinity, all you have to do is quieten.  Schedule your diary to include reflective times, solitary and slow walks, and noticing nature, even if just through your window.  Sophia is there.  Ask and she will advise.

Welcoming Sophia into your life comes in small steps rather than a thunderclap of huge change.  As you increasingly trust your Sophia energy, her boldness, passion, wisdom and divinity, you become even more of the magnificent Fab After Fifty woman you really are.

© 2014 Sharon Eden and BounceBackUK



Sharon Eden

Sharon Eden, MA, is a psychotherapist who helps people recover from low mood and depression in 6 session or less and find the piece of their personal development which hides in the shadows. Read her blog posts about bouncing back and sign up for her inspirational Bounce Back Prompts at www.bouncebackuk.com

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    • Sharon Eden

      May 11, 2014

      Thank you for your comment Irene… I’m wondering which woman or women inspired you 🙂

  1. Fi Ivin

    May 21, 2014

    What great insight! I LOVE the link bewteen Sophia Loren, bursting like a ripe juicy fruit and the Sophia of feminine energy. Fabulous! Thank you.

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