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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Do your clothes reflect your life? Become your own stylist.

Article by Georgina Hadrill

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Have you found that for some reason, having reached your 50s you look in your wardrobe and your clothes just don’t seem to work for you anymore?

Many of us would like the assistance of a personal wardrobe styling session , unfortunately this can be expensive.  You can become your own personal stylist. Here are some tips to get you started! You can be stylish over 50!

Does your wardrobe reflect your life?

Try this simple method and see what you can achieve.
Ask yourself these questions

  • Do I work?
  • How do you I spend  my days?
  • What is my marital status?
  • Am I a parent?
  • What is my social life like?
  • Do I have any upcoming events?
  • What are my interests?
  • Are the clothes I have at the moment a joy to wear?
  • Do I feel comfortable in my clothes?
  • Do I travel?
  • Am I happy with my weight ,shape and well being?
  • Are there any life changing circumstances or events in my life?
  • Where do I live and what is the climate?

Trying on the clothes you already own


Break clothes into sub sections


1.KEEP.      Fit and look are working for you

2.ARCHIVE.     Pieces you no longer wear but do not want to part with

3. MAYBE.   Should it stay or should it go. Consider fit, flatter, dated
This process will help-identify the gaps which you can fill when you go shopping, so that you buy what you need and stop impulse buying.
When gaps are identified you strip away the illusion of having a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear.

4.EDIT.  Things to move on ,mistakes ,incorrect size ,worn out or tired looking. Wardrobe  basics that continually need editing and replacing.

Make sure that your clothes are always ready to wear. Don’t  put dirty or damaged pieces back into your wardrobe until they have been dealt with.

Dated clothes can often be modernised with a simple alteration, changing hemlines or swapping buttons.

clothed that you wear in the depth of winter or the height of summer should be packed away for the reverse season.

This process should have provided you with some space .
Now what to wear!

Parisian Chic Basics

Wardrobe staples should include :

  • A good quality trench coat ( push up the sleeves and do not belt it properly)
  • A leather biker jacket
  • A pencil skirt
  • A pair of well fitting jeans
  • A pair of white linen trousers
  • A striped Breton top
  • A white shirt ( roll sleeves up over a sweater)
  • A round necked cashmere sweater
  • A pair of smart ballerina flats or kitten heels with appointed toe
  • A leather handbag
  • A selection of floaty scarves
  • A string of pearls(fake will do) wear this with cashmere sweater or t shirt.

Neutral , grey black white beige and highlight with colourful scarves

Do not wear jeans with trainers
Do not over accessorise.
Wear earrings or a necklace not both
Do match your bag to your shoes

About Georgina:

I had my own ladies clothing shops , five to be precise for around 10 years , selling high quality ladies wear. My shops were in Richmond Chiswick,Wimbledon and Guildford.
Over the years I have absorbed a wealth of observation and knowledge I hope this explains the little article .  I do not work as a stylist and prefer people to learn to observe themselves and find what pleasures them .We can all hold garments up for ideas on colour and observe how different tones reflect on our completion whether they drain or light up our faces . Whether they show up the colour of our hair or eyes. We  have to trust our own judgement  be comfortable with what we are wearing ,learn to analyse what suits us and trust ourselves .
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  1. Jacqui Cooper

    June 29, 2014

    Great article, however bringing in the professional may not be as expensive as you might think. I run Style & Colour workshops at House of Fraser in Huddersfield for just £79 per day.

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