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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to make your dream come true and reap the rewards!

Article by Sharon Eden

follow your dream 50+

At 50+ you’re still a spring chicken and there’s a lot of living to be done.  So, why curb your dream?  Unless you want to be an astronaut or brain surgeon, there’s every chance of making it happen…

Keep your dream alive

Whether it’s for yourself or to help others, focus on your dream as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep.  It gives purpose and momentum to your life.

Write about it and have pictures/photos/objects which symbolise it.  These dream ‘reminders’ educate your brain to know what you’re after.  That develops ‘selective attention’; alertness for opportunities and for people who can help you create your dream.

How can you keep your dream alive?

Take action

However big or small your dream, take action every day towards making it real.

My dream is for people to think of depression not as an illness but part of the human condition.  A dis-ease which, when embraced rather than fought, releases your potential hiding in its shadows and helps quick recovery.

Today my action is this blog post to help you create your dream.  Tomorrow it could be a bit of research or speaking at an event… who knows?

What small thing can you do today towards making your dream come true?

Keep learning

Learning invigorates your passion…. O M G, I never knew that about xyz!  The enthusiasm makes you notice things others might miss.  That can make what you’re doing uniquely yours… and noticeable!

And the more you keep learning about your dream and how to make it happen, the more you move closer to making it real.

What have you learned recently which excited you?

Knock-backs are inevitable

Whenever you take yourself out of your comfort zone, there are bound to be knock-backs.  Like people who say NO to you.  Don’t turn it into a personal drama.  Just move on and find people who say YES!

Failure’s another kind of knock-back but celebrate it…  Of course, you’ll make-mistakes like they do in the movies.  They show you how not to be or do something so you can work out the way to be or do instead.

What recent-mistake has been great learning?

Ignore the critics

My ex-husband, note the ‘ex’, didn’t want me to train as a psychotherapist.  What on earth do you want to do that for?

Ignore the critics, including those inside your head (who always represent a real critic from your past).  Ignore them!  If they had the balls you have, they’d also be following their dream.

Who do I need to ignore right now?

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate…

Every little step!  Each one is a triumph and one step nearer making your dream come true.  Be proud of yourself as a woman who most definitely walks her talk.

Follow these tips and you’ll not only reap material rewards.  You’ll also reap the priceless rewards of wellbeing; mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Remember… You can always but always make your dream come true!


Sharon Eden

Sharon Eden, MA, is a psychotherapist who helps people recover from low mood and depression in 6 session or less and find the piece of their personal development which hides in the shadows. Read her blog posts about bouncing back and sign up for her inspirational Bounce Back Prompts at www.bouncebackuk.com

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