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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Short Friendship Poem For Your Best Friend

Article by Ntathu Allen

friendhip over 50

Dear friends, hugs, hi and heartfelt greetings. Welcome to today’s Moment of Calm post, a ‘Short Friendship Poem For Your Best Friend’.  Friends and friendships form the core of your support network and good friends can help to smooth the roughest of days and remind you to breathe.

Who Is Your Best Friend?

Everyone has a best friend. You know, someone who believes in you. Someone who has your back and rooting for you. Someone who accepts you as you are and willing to go the extra mile for you, maybe she cares for your mum whilst you have a break, pops over for a cup of tea and chat, reads your blog and shares your posts.

When you look over your life and think of past and present friendships, which ones comes to mind?

Your best friend may be your mentor, your life partner, a work colleague or old friend you have kept in contact with from school days. Generally speaking, if your life is like most ambitious working women, you’ll have “best friends” in different stages and areas of your professional and personal life. You may be fortunate and have a BFF who crosses all periods and boundaries, holds your heart and smiles with you, no matter what’s going on.

In honour of your Best Friend, here is a short Friendship poem which you can send to her to say ‘thank you’.

Short Friendship Poem For Your Best Friend

c. Ntathu Allen 2014

Thank you, my friend for always being by my side

Through the dark days of doubt, you were there

A quiet, steady voice in the sea of rage.

I just want to say thank you, for caring and sharing and being in my life.

May the sun always shine on you and may our friendship be filled with days

Of love, joy, laughter and even more good times.

Thank you for being who you are, and allowing me to be who I Am.

Your Turn…

If you enjoyed this post please share with your best friend/s to remind her how much she means to you. What other ways can you say thank you to your best friend? Share your ideas with us by leaving a reply below.


Till next week, take special care of yourself, be good, be happy and remember to laugh.



PS. If you haven’t contacted your best friend for a while, send her this Short Friendship Poem to let her know you love her and are thinking of her. Thank you.






Yoga Teacher, Blogger and Author, Ntathu Allen teaches and encourages mums and working women how to weave rest, relaxation and self-care into their everyday schedule creating more energy, passion and time to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

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