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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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5 Simple Tips to Beat the Monday Morning Blues All Week!

Article by Sharon Eden

How to stay positive at work

The Monday morning blues start with the Sunday evening dreads. “Oh no – it’s work tomorrow!” But the Monday morning blues can happen any day of the week… apart from the fabulous TGIF, of course!

As a 50+ woman you have so much on your hands. The last thing you need is for work to be the bain of your life. And it doesn’t have to. Here are 5 simple tips to beat those old ‘blues’…

1.Spring out of bed like a thing possessed… Then jump up and down very energetically 10 times, followed by 10 energetic starfish jumps (arms and legs out to make your body a star fish shape). Remember to do a plain jump in between to get you back to starfish lift off!

Physical activity stimulates endorphins, serotonin and adrenalin to start your morning with a ‘feel good’ boost. You will have created a positive emotional state rather than be a reactive victim of the internal ‘blues’ gremlins.

 Schedule time with positive people

2.Beware… Thoughts and emotions are contagious! How you think and feel are influenced by the people with whom you mix. Schedule some social time, however little, with ‘pull-you-uppers’ the earliest you can in the morning. These are enthusiastic and encouraging people with positive mindsets. Avoid the ‘push-you-downers’ who’ll infect you with the ‘blues’ like the plague!


3.Organisation can help beat the blues… At the end of Friday, leave a tidy desk with your ‘to do’ list ready for a clear and uncluttered start on Monday. Repeat every work day.


On Sunday night, lay out clothes you love and feel powerful in to wear on Monday. This gives you a good psychological boost of positivity. Repeat every evening in the working week.


4.Do you have inter-personal or other troubling issues at work? Ignoring them or trying to appease doesn’t solve anything. Indeed, they can make you feel like a victim who dreads going to work. Find out your organisation’s procedure for dealing with the issue.

At the very least, find a mentor who can advise and support you. Create an action plan to resolve the issue and then go execute it fiercely!

 What are you passionate about?

5.What turns you on? What or who are you passionate about? Whatever it is/they are, bring to work pictures and mementoes of it/him, her or them. Put the items on your desk or in a drawer if policy is not to have personal things visible.

Look at and touch them regularly first thing in the morning and throughout the day. This will constantly recharge your ‘feel good’ batteries.


If you really hate your job or career… Wake up and smell the coffee! While tips 1-5 can help, do something to change your reality or spend the rest of your working life in agony.


For the rest of us… Use all of these tips and be delighted at how they punch those Monday morning blues right out of the ring!


And, if you have your own special tip, do let me know so I can share it with the rest of we fabulous 50+ women.


© 2014 Sharon Eden and BounceBackUK














Sharon Eden

Sharon Eden, MA, is a psychotherapist who helps people recover from low mood and depression in 6 session or less and find the piece of their personal development which hides in the shadows. Read her blog posts about bouncing back and sign up for her inspirational Bounce Back Prompts at www.bouncebackuk.com

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