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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Cosmetic surgery abroad – bargain or dangerous?

Women over 50 are increasingly choosing to opt for cosmetic surgery – we’re living longer and many are choosing to take all options available to hold back the effects the time. Surgery is no longer the preserve of the wealthy or celebrities.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad (3)

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery is a big decision and one that should not be taken without considering the risks. Many Brits are choosing to go abroad to have their surgery done and over the past two years, the number of Brits travelling abroad for cosmetic work has risen by 109%. With the temptation of low-cost holidays and the fact that you can get surgeries done at a fraction of the cost of the UK, it may seem like a viable option, but is it the safest?

There are extremely good cosmetic surgeons located outside of the UK but more often than not, people who are travelling elsewhere for their surgery are after a cheaper deal. Breast implants are the most popular procedure to undergo in the UK, although, many people that want a breast augmentation are travelling to Poland. The average cost to have this procedure done in Poland is £1,972, whilst in the UK it would look to set you back £3,736 and enquiries to have the procedure done in Poland have increased by 57%. The Czech Republic has also seen a major increase in the number of enquiries surrounding nose jobs. A nose job in the Czech Republic would cost an average of £847 which is a dramatic difference compared with the £3,557 it would cost in the UK.

No surgery is without risk

It’s important to remember that no surgery goes without risk but the UK cosmetic industry is highly regulated and that regulation may differ from country to country. One cannot know the level of regulation in another country beforehand and it takes thorough research to find out. Something that sounds like a bargain can have hidden costs attached (both literal and psychological) if something does not go as planned. If a surgery was conducted abroad but does not have the desirable result, the patient may need to fly back out to the country where the first surgery was conducted to have problems rectified or have them rectified in the UK. John Ryan, Chairman at cosmetic surgery provider MYA commented:

“We have a number of cases where patients come to us for a rectification of surgery conducted abroad. One of our patients recently came to us with disappointing breast enlargement performed in Prague. Her teardrop implants flipped resulting in her looking like she had flat breasts. The patient attempted to get in contact with both her doctor and her clinic in the Czech Republic but was unfortunately ignored. After coming to MYA, the patient underwent the procedure of Removal and Re-augmentation, of which we performed 102 operations in 2013. The trend of cosmetic surgery abroad started a few years ago and now we are seeing the aftermath. We would highly encourage people to consider UK clinics as we are regulated by professional bodies in the cosmetic surgery sector, abide by strict quality standards and provide a high quality of aftercare.” 

If you do chose to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad, then all aspects of the surgery, aftercare and the procedure itself should be examined thoroughly. While it may seem like you are getting a ‘bargain’, it’s important to think about why the surgery is so cheap. You do not want to skimp on aftercare or compromise safety standards, so make sure to do your research.


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