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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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The Science of Skin Ageing – Origins Three Part Harmony serum and Moisturiser for 50 plus skin

Origins Three part harmony skincare image

I was invited to be a spokesperson at a launch of Origins 3 Part Harmony skincare range, where we talked about the changing perceptions of women over 50 and the ‘ageless’ approach to life. You can read what I had to say about Ageless Living here. But what about the Origins skincare products themselves and the impact they have on the 50plus skin?  This is what  Jo Brunwin, head of  marketing for Origin’s UK  had to say.


50s today are truly a decade of discovery and self-awareness. Turning 50 is seen as a rite of passage. In fact, ageless is a re-definition of this life stage. However, skin is going through a new transitional period that calls for specific skincare solutions.


Overtime, skin’s barrier function becomes less efficient. As a consequence, vital moisture escapes and is women’s main concern during this decade as chronic dehydration sets in. This causes fine, dry lines to appear. In addition, internal production of collagen and other support fibers slows leading to the degradation of skin’s architecture and less resilient skin. On skin’s surface, accumulated cells stay past their welcome resulting in overall loss of radiance as well as uneven skin tone. All of these changes occur normally in skin and contribute to cellular aging known as “Senescence”.


Science of Skin Ageing

As part of our ongoing biological research – we have a program on “senescence”. Broken down, senescence is why leaves on a tree turn from

green to brown and then fall off. It’s the lifecycle of a cell. We have been studying senescence for many years but a recent second look inspired Origins Vice President of Basic Science Research, Dr. Lieve Declercq continue exploring the process of senescence which inspired the technology in our new innovation.


Early and Late Stage Senescence

Originally, we had thought that senescent cells were past their prime and were innocent bystanders we just left them alone thinking they were not doing any harm. But upon further exploration we discovered senescent cells are actually sending out negative signals to the surrounding cells that discourage the neighbours from functioning normally. Think of these cells as entering a “resting or sleeping state”.


What happens when you snore when you’re sleeping? You disturb the person next to you. Or did you ever catch someone’s yawn. I yawn but you get the consequence and feel tired too. I’m sending a negative signal to my neighbour.


We tested Senescence’s impact on cell growth. By using Blue Stain p21 which is a clinical marker of senescence we were able to show a stark contrast by the amount of senescent cells in young vs. aging cells. The left hand culture shows a minimal number of senescence in the younger cells. While when testing aging cells, there is a dominant amount of senescence seen in the right hand culture.


The other biological discovery was that senescence happens in 2 stages- early and late. We used to think it was a slippery slope – once cellular aging started it was all downhill. But we learned that it can be interrupted during the early stages and cellular function can be renewed!!

Much like coffee for when you’re tired, we thought what if we could remove senescent cells- would the overall function of the cells improve?


Powered by Nature

In tandem with this research we discovered the White Narcissus Lily Bulb extract in the fertile soil of the Eastern Mediterranean. A beautiful metaphor for renewal the lily bulb contains all the vital nutrients within the bulb to renew itself. This flower preserves its own youth and beauty each time it blooms from year to year and seasons to season. After much testing, we discovered the Narcissus Lily Bulb can reawaken youthful functions in the skin and restore cellular function. We transpose this adaptive behaviour to our skin – to reawaken cells and return to them to youthful function. Simply put, it is interrupting the negative signals and reawakening youthful function in skin.


Other Ingredients

Working in tandem to wake up cell function there are a ton of other plant ingredients that work to improve the multiple signs of aging.

Vitamin C, Siegesbeckia, Shea Butter, Licorice Leaf Extract, and Laminaria Digitata work to repair the multiple signs of aging as they soften lines, deliver age-resisting hydration and restore youthful resilience to lift and firm skin.

Scutellaria Root, Apple Extract, and Cucumber Extract restore radiance, luminosity and brightness to dull, time-worn skin.



The Textures

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most significant changes in skin of women 50+ is dryness. Typically due to hormonal shifts, persistent dehydration can result in fine lines, rough skin and overall dullness. These products was specially designed to provide a sumptuous dose of moisturization which is especially needed for healthy skin functions as cells age and retain less moisture. These deliberately rich textures create a modern, yet dewy finish leaving skin replete with moisture.



The moisture-rich, silky-smooth cream feels like no other product we’ve developed before. Rich, luxurious and comforting (featuring lush, velvety Shea Butter). It is the most emollient cream in our brand. All skin can use but will be most appreciated by norm/dry and dry skin.



The oil-infused serum is the intersection of an oil and a serum and delivers creamy moisture deep into skin, while leaving a light veil of dewiness on skin’s surface. The serum has a light, lotion feel which is appropriate for all skin types. It’s infused with Crambe Oil which is native to the Mediterranean and provides deep moisturization for those with combination skin. For normal and dry skins it is recommended to use the Three Part Harmony Moisturizer in conjunction with the Serum.


The Essential Oil blend is a sparkling bouquet of citrus and rose petals blended with sensual notes of violets and jasmine.


What are the Three Parts?

You may have been saying to yourself now, what are the three parts? Three Part Harmony address the three most important needs of skin: Renewal, Repair, and Radiance.

Renewal – harnesses the power of the Lily Bulb to reawaken and restore those skin cells, thereby restoring youthful function.

Repair – repairs dehydration by delivering age-resisting hydration to soften lines, and lift and firm by restoring skin’s resilience.

Radiance – restores luminous radiance to skin so you look bright and healthy every day.


Proven By Science

Listen, we are all realists – no one wants to hear a promise of age reversal in 1 minute. They want to see their best skin for their age and softer lines and a brighter complexion – and that would be great. That is what you will see with Three Part Harmony. In clinical study on 50+ women using Three Part Harmony Serum and Cream the most visible signs of aging were all addressed.


Ceri Wheeldon

Ceri is Founder and Editor of Fabafterfifty.co.uk She is a frequent speaker at events and in the media on topics related to women over 50 , including style and living agelessly. With 20+ years experience as a headhunter Ceri also now helps support those looking to extend their working lives.

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