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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.

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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Improve your lifestyle and health with a Hot Tub!

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There are a multitude of very real health  benefits that you can accrue from ownership of a  Hot Tub Spa!

As well as the benefit of increasing the value of your home, by making it more attractive to potential buyers, owning a hot tub means that you will spend more quality time with your family. Precious hours spent with your loved ones is always time well spent, and can provide a real boost to everyone’s sense of well-being.

They can also provide entertainment for friends and family at parties or get-togethers and, of course, make for romantic evenings alone with your partner too!


Looking at the therapeutic health benefits of hot tubs


Aside from all this, owning a hot tub can also provide many healthy therapeutic benefits. The first ever whirlpool bath tub was developed in order to help reduce muscle soreness and relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis. That was all a long time ago, in America naturally. In fact, even before then, both the Greeks and the Romans understood that warm water could heal both the body and the mind.


It was the height of civilisation for the ancients to bathe themselves in thermal springs and sun-warmed tidal pools to cure a variety of illnesses and health afflictions. Today’s hot tub manufacturers may not claim that they have such mythical healing powers, but they do bring about very real health benefits, which should be considered by anyone suffering from ailments that could benefit from the warm bubbles and jets of a hot tub


Stress relief


Do you feel stressed by your normal daily life? If so then you will be pleased to hear that they really can help by relieving your overall stress levels. The mere thought of climbing into some lovely warm bubbling water after a busy day is enough to calm many nerves!  Jump into a hot tub and you will find the water initially calming. If you then turn on the water jets you can then luxuriate in the warm caress of a reflexology massage too, as the water jets are specifically targeted to certain parts of the body, such as your feet, where they will gently stimulate them.


Improve your blood circulation


Your blood circulation will be improved by a hot tub as the warm water causes your blood vessels to expand, relieving blood pressure. If you suffer with aches and pains then this is good news because both the oxygen and the enzymes in the blood will become more active. The other therapeutic benefit of improved blood circulation will be a boost to your immune system.


Sleep improvement


The National Sleep Foundation believes that soaking in hot water, before going to bed, will help to improve your transition into a deeper sleep. A dip in a hot tub an hour or two before retiring to bed will help to gently reduce your body temperature, aiding the bodies fall into a deep sleep.


Reduction in pain from injury and chronic illness


When your body suffers from an injury, blood flows more rapidly to the damaged area often causing swelling and associated pain. A hot tub will help as the warm water dilates your blood vessels easing your discomfort. The water jets will also provide a therapeutic massage to the pressure points of your body including the ones along your neck and back.



Easing the pain of arthritis


The body becomes naturally more buoyant when submerged in water. So it is fair to say then that hot tubs will help reduce stress on sore joints, resulting in more pain-free movement. Gentle exercise, supported by the natural buoyancy of water, can also help build muscle strength. This means that arthritis sufferers can improve their strength and overall flexibility too which is an added bonus.



Boosting your overall well-being


A hot tub is bound to boost your overall mood and feeling of well-being even if you do not suffer from any other health problems or ailments, For more information or advice about hot tubs, don’t hesitate to contact HotSpring World, the UK’s leading dealer and distributor of hot tubs with many years of experience helping people on their journey to a happier and healthier personal lifestyle!


Ceri Wheeldon

Ceri is Founder and Editor of Fabafterfifty.co.uk She is a frequent speaker at events and in the media on topics related to women over 50 , including style and living agelessly. With 20+ years experience as a headhunter Ceri also now helps support those looking to extend their working lives.

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