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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How Much Personal Information Is Too Much When Dating Online?


Article by Sandra Baker

dating online personal info

Ah, the internet. The place where people go to find information on anything ranging from how to solve quadratic equations to answer why the sky is blue to waste time watching adorable cat videos. Other than it being used to look up useful (and many times not so useful) information, it’s one of the main ways people are dating; and it isn’t just for young people! Why, if you look on any of the international dating sites, you’ll find countless younger women who are interested in dating an older man, seniors searching for love, and everything in between. Needless to say, the online dating world is booming.

Be that as it may, you heed our advice and be selective with the information you share on these dating sites, or any site for that matter. Although many of the people on these sites have genuine intentions, there are still some who would use your information against you and even do harm to you.

Here are some things about yourself that you should never share with someone you’ve just met on a local or an international dating site.

  1. Your personal finances. Whether you’re rolling in the dough or you’re struggling to make ends meet, you don’t want to tell people how much or how little is actually in your wallet. Not only will this bring out the users (if you’re wealthy) or prevent you from meeting someone great (because they think you’re trying to use them if you’re broke), but it’s not anyone’s business.
  2. Why the last relationship ended. When you’re dating someone new, he might ask why you’re currently single. While you could answer him if you wanted to, you shouldn’t feel like you’re obligated to do so. This sort of information can be shared at a later time, but not when you are first getting to know one another.
  3. Identifying information, like your address, phone number, where you work, etc. As we mentioned, there are some nefarious people online who are out scouring these local and international dating sites for potential victims. Because of these people, we fully recommend on not sharing any identifying information with someone until you feel more comfortable to do so. Chat and message with the person for a bit, and if you want actually to talk to them, use programs like Skype or the webcam features that some dating sites offer.
  4. Family drama. We all have stories about our crazy families, but when you are trying to meet people online, you may not want to share those stories right away. Remember, you’re trying to attract someone who wants to be in a relationship with for the long haul, so that means they’ll be interacting with said crazy family members. If they hear enough wacky stories about what Uncle Jim did over the holidays, any suitor may go running for the hills.

When you are actively trying to pursue an online relationship, you might want to be an open book, so that other people feel more comfortable with you. While we do suggest you to be honest in the details you discuss with others, we mean stories about your life, what you want for the future, and your experiences. We don’t mean that you should share everything about yourself right out of the gate; use your better judgment.

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