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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Maintaining wellbeing after cancer: 12 things I do every day to stay fabulous over 50

Article by Curly Martin

12 things to do to stay well after cancer over 50

Cancer was the best thing that has happened to me.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer and given nine months to live. It was a gruelling time where as well as dealing with my diagnosis, circumstances led me to be unemployed and homeless (but that is a story for another time). However, after an incredible journey of highs and lows, I survived and am thriving and loving life.

After the conventional treatment (operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) I experimented and researched alternative therapies and lifestyles. This extensive research finally led me to create a wellbeing maintenance routine which is easy to follow and therefore easy to continue on a regular basis. I called this my “Daily Dozen” and this is something I continue to do every day or week. Below are my daily dozen, which I hope will help you (whatever health issues you have overcome) to also maintain that fabulous after fifty feeling!

The 12 twelve things I do to stay fabulous over 50 after surviving cancer

Walking – Every day I make sure I have done some form of walking. I walk fast but not so fast that I am out of breath or break out in a sweat. I simply walk to maintain my health, not for any competitive reasons, just for fun.

I CAN tations – Every day I chant (another word for incantation). My favourite is, ‘I am happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, healed and whole’ which I say in a rhythmic voice as I walk.

Pescatarian –I do not eat meat of any type or meat products. I do eat fish weekly, I eat dairy and eggs and loads of vegetables. I am a farmer’s daughter, so being a pescatarian means I get a lot of ribbing about not eating meat, which I take on the chin. It has been suggested that dairy products are not overly good for you and being a woman over fifty, I consume dairy for the calcium content, thus reducing brittle bone syndrome.

Supplements – I supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals. I know there are scientific studies which say that if you eat a balanced diet you do not need them. The challenge is that I cannot be sure the food I eat has been grown in soil which has all the nutrients I need. So, I take a multi vitamin/mineral supplement every day to act as a back-up to the food I eat.

Fruit – I eat a variety of fruits every day and cannot imagine a day without it.

Restricted coffee and alcohol – I love both of these and I know they are not good for my body. I drink coffee until lunchtime and one bottle of wine a week.

Massage and love mantras – every day when I am in the shower I perform manual lymph drainage massage on my special arm. After the massage, I kiss my arm whilst as the same time saying, ‘I love you.’ Also during this bathroom routine, when I look in the make-up mirror I gaze directly into my eyes and tell myself, ‘I love you.’ This always makes me smile and is a great way to start my day.

Water – I drink between 1 to 1.5 litres of water a day.

Sugar is not always sweet – There is now a much greater understanding of the negative role refined sugar plays in our lives and its effect on obesity, teeth decay and other related health problems. Now, I give up sugar regularly and I have a much reduced sugar intake.

Setting daily goals –I always have daily goals, not in the “must be done or die” approach that some people adhere to but in a gently holistic approach.


Let it go (this one requires an open mind) – I use this technique when things are really bothering or worrying me and the same thoughts keep running around in my head. This is a bit like the ICANtations it is a chant that I replace the thoughts with until the thought goes away.


‘I loosen and let go.  I let go and let universe’s love do its perfect work in me, through me, for me.

I blocked the other thoughts from coming into my mind. I keep doing this in my head or aloud, until the other thoughts lost their hold on my mind. It is a really freeing experience being in control and able to release negative thoughts and worries.

Skin Creams – the skin is the largest organ in our bodies, if you put cream on your skin it is one thing less for the body to have to heal.


20 years cancer free book cover Achievement: Cancer Free for 20 Years by Curly Martin is out now, available from Amazon, priced £13.48. For more information see www.curlymartin.com

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