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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Live-in Care at Home  vs. Care Home

Article by Cera

live in care or care home image

When considering care for elderly relatives, your first thought may be a care home. However, live in care can be a cheaper and more comprehensive care option. Although there are certain requirements to be eligible to have this type of care, the majority of people are able to accommodate live in carers in their home. In this article we will detail the benefits of receiving live in care as well as the requirements that must be met before care commences at home.

A Guide to Live in Care

 Live in care is perfect for those who want to stay in their own home and remain close to their family, friends and local community. This type of care is especially beneficial for those living with dementia, as staying in a familiar and supportive environment will help them to cope better with managing their condition.

Staying in one’s own home encourages greater independence. A person in live in care can choose their own meals, when they want to go out and about, and most importantly, family and friends can visit at any time; it encourages a greater sense of well-being, as the person in care retains control over their life.

Live in care offers the option of greater personalisation. The person requesting care will be able to review Professional Carer profiles before care commences and even interview the carer if they wish. The client will be able to build a more meaningful relationship with their Professional Carer as they are tailored to their character, this will improve  their emotional well-being and in so doing tackle the social isolation elderly people so often experience. Live in Professional Carers can also be matched to their patients based on their specialisms, experience and additional skills such as a second language.

At Cera, live in care is also fully comprehensive. You or your loved one will benefit from services such as on-demand visits from GPs and physiotherapists, food and medicine delivery and transport whenever you need it. Professional Carers will also offer their one-on-one support, unlike care homes where carers are looking after multiple patients. Nurses can also do live in care, or work alongside your Professional Carer on an hourly basis.

Home Care is a more affordable option

Some may be surprised that home care is also a more affordable option, with the average live-in care cost being  £750 per week, while the average price for a care home is £1,200 per week. Comparing the difference in quality, range of services offered and the personalisation that live-in care provides, the difference in cost is very significant.

A requirement for live in care is that the home must have a spare bedroom for the Professional Carer to stay in. It is also required that live in carers have a 2 hour break for every 24 hours that they work, so you should expect to be visited by a different Professional Carer during that time.

For further advice and information, you can call our expert team on 020 3034 4791. Cera can arrange a free, no-obligation visit, so that we can discuss all of your needs in detail.


Use Code FabafterFifty for 10 hours of free care.

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