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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Parisian Valentines

Article by Meredith Keeve  a.k.a. The Wandering Parisian

Tips to celebrate valentines Parisian way image

Yes, Valentine’s Day has become an international occasion, even in France there are cards and decorations for Cupid’s fete.

However, our Fabulous French Fifty year old knows there is nothing less romantic or inspiring than dinner in a restaurant on the night of February 14th.  A “Holiday Special“ menu, overworked waiters, crowded tables, and a great deal of social pressure do NOT a fun evening make.

Much as they decline to go out on Saturday nights (preferring to leave downtown to millennial revelers and tourists) the Parisienne is unlikely to insist on a restaurant dinner for Valentine’s Day.

For a truly romantic evening, stay in!

First, figure out how much your restaurant meal would set you back, including taxis or parking, and determine a budget for your evening at home. Perhaps a tin of caviar could be in the ballpark?

Also, if this is to be a night of romance, then gourmet sensuality is the guiding theme – not carb-loading, or Caveman diets. At this stage of life, it is unlikely you are training for the Olympics, and skipping a three course meal won’t be a hardship. Honestly, a large chunk of meat can be delicious, but to digest such fare your body needs to devote all its energy to food processing rather than other needs or suggestions…

Frankly, one very Gaelic solution is sex BEFORE dinner.

What if you were to greet your partner – freshly showered or bathed – in something comfortably sensuous, perhaps a satin bathrobe, or just the top of his Valentine’s Day gift of red pyjamas. Propose a drink – your favorite cocktail or a lovely glass of wine – and see where things go from there.

Afterward, a glowing you can propose delightful nibbles – whether fresh oysters are your thing, or caviar or smoked salmon on toast with double cream (or full fat greek yogurt!) and fresh chives, or simply a lovely cheese plate. Champagne is a wonderful accompaniment to Chinese take away if you are so inclined…If you must have something hot, you could throw on some pasta and add preferably homemade, but possibly store bought (from an amazing Italian place nearby) pesto. Something simple is best and easiest. You do not have to prepare three courses to set a beautiful table, or you can curl up on the couch with a tempting spread to hand.

In any event, you’ve skipped the rain and the traffic and enjoyed one another in the comfort of your own home – and a very happy Valentine’s Celebration was had by all!

Meredith Keeve

Now a Personal Stylist, Meredith Keeve has worked in publishing, fashion, cinema, interior decoration and art in Paris, London, Miami and Toronto. Working as a wardrobe consultant with her French mentor, she learned to identify the ‘closet’ issues women face – the emotional/intellectual relationship to clothes and how clothing can impact and influence how a woman presents and perceives herself. MK chose to specialize in the 50+ customer, attuning her understanding of that customer’s particular needs and desires to determine and implement optimal wardrobe solutions for each individual, in every circumstance.

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