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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Lets Talk Layers!

Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a. The Wandering Parisian

how to wear layers over 50 image

As the winter chill sets in, certainly in Paris (where the Electricite de France is actually sending emails to its clients about the cold spell to warn about heating bills going up!) we naturally think of layers. But not just layers of blankets, layers of clothing and such thoughts can even take us into spring.

French women are champions of layering, and their innovative and fresh approach to mixing different layers is one of the keys to their nonchalant style.

If you look at photos of Caroline de Maigret (Chanel and Lancome brand ambassador) or Ines de la Fressange (former-Chanel, current L’Oreal brand ambassador) you will often see unexpected layers – a plaid shirt under a striped Breton t-shirt, a white t-shirt under a strapless summer dress, a white blouse under a t-shirt rather than a sweater…

So first, throw out the rules – the notion that only blouses go under jackets, that only sweaters go over shirts, and that anything or everything need be tucked in.

Look through your wardrobe for the thinnest layers

Begin by looking through your wardrobe for the thinnest layers – camisoles, t-shirts, and blouses. And then play!

A camisole alone under a sweater, your favorite white blouse under a jean jacket (belted if your waistline permits), clothing inside, under, or outside and over – be creative and try it all.

One modern look that can work is leggings under a tunic or dress. Check your proportions but this can work with mid-thigh, knee length or longer; sleeveless or sleeved pieces. Recently I put together a V-necked sleeveless summer dress with a light weight t-shirt and leggings and the effect was completely modern and warm!

One warning with layers – as you experiment, start with simple items, skip the ruffles, loud prints or complicated buttons. You may want to pare down accessories as well, if you have several layers, you may wish to leave the scarf at home for a change.

Remember when trying new ideas or concepts for putting yourself together take a few minutes to consider and scrutinize – an unfamiliar proportion can be both unfamiliar, AND successful. Remember that a new look is just that, new, and its ‘revolutionary’ appearance can be a positive point, refreshing your outlook and your wardrobe.


Meredith Keeve

Now a Personal Stylist, Meredith Keeve has worked in publishing, fashion, cinema, interior decoration and art in Paris, London, Miami and Toronto. Working as a wardrobe consultant with her French mentor, she learned to identify the ‘closet’ issues women face – the emotional/intellectual relationship to clothes and how clothing can impact and influence how a woman presents and perceives herself. MK chose to specialize in the 50+ customer, attuning her understanding of that customer’s particular needs and desires to determine and implement optimal wardrobe solutions for each individual, in every circumstance.

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