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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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An Introduction to Chakras

Article by Alexandra Sutcliffe

chakras explained image

The term Chakra – which means wheel in Sanskrit – was first written about in the Four Holy Books of the Hindus, which dates back to before 2500 BC.

Chakras are the body’s power stations, drawing and distributing life-force energy (prana in Sanskrit, chi in Chinese) from the universe into our bodies, while filtering harmful influences and releasing toxic energy.

If we could see our chakras, they would resemble wheels of sparkling  light covered in flowers whose petals are always opening and closing.

We have chakras all over, but our main Chakras are located along the spine, just outside the physical body.  From the base they connect us to Earth and our conscious lives, and from the crown to the universe and universal consciousness.

What are the different chakras?

The Root or Base Chakra is red, and located at the base of the spinal column.   This is the foundation of all the other chakras, keeping us connected to our earthly existence.  It related to our physical body and how we treat it, to our lives as children, and our sense of security and belonging.  Physical disorders associated with this chakra include lower back pain, sciatica and bad knees.


The Sacral Chakra is orange, and located just below the naval.  This is the chakra of self-awareness and self-love, encouraging us to explore and enjoy life, to be curious and to forge our own identities.  Any blocks may be caused by overly protective or strict parents who prevented us from being open and expressive, affecting our self-esteem.  Physical disorders include gynaecological and fertility issues, kidney problems and muscle cramps.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow, and located just above the  naval.  This is the chakra of personal power and self-confidence, of independence, knowledge, strength, vitality, enthusiasm and courage.  In balance, it lets us act and achieve, facing any obstacles with confidence.  If unbalanced, we may become hyperactive, uncaring or angry.  Physically it is linked to digestive disorders, food allergies and diabetes.


The Heart Chakra is green and pink, and located near the heart.  This is the central chakra and it represents unconditional love and compassion.  It is the link between the physical and the spiritual.  If unbalanced, we may become possessive or fear rejection, or feel unworthy of receiving love.  Physically it is linked to heart disorders, high blood pressure, lung problems, fatigue and immune disorders.


The Throat Chakra is blue and located at the throat.  This is the chakra of communication and self-expression, relating to our ability to make ourselves heard.  When unbalanced, we say yes when we mean no, and may feel resentment and frustration.  Physically it is related to thyroid problems, sore throat, mouth ulcers, and teeth and gum problems.


The Third Eye Chakra is indigo and violet, and located between the eyebrows.  It is chakra of divine wisdom, and relates to our inner world, success and fulfilment.  Good energy flowing through this chakra results in balance, harmony and peace, to moving to higher levels of awareness, and developing our imagination and intuition.  When unbalanced we risk becoming authoritarian, dogmatic and arrogant, or we may fear success.  Physical disorders include insomnia and dyslexia.


The Crown Chakra is violet and white, and located at the top of the head.   It is about the merging of oneself with the divine and the universe, gaining enlightenment, knowledge, self-realisation and fulfilment.  We trust in our inner selves and are at one with Source.  When unbalanced, we become confused and frustrated, with no sense of belonging.  Physical disorders include depression and paralysis.


Balancing your chakras


Our chakras become unbalanced when our life-force energy flow is blocked, like a kink in a garden hose, either by our own state of mind or by harmful outside influences.


One exercise for balancing and unblocking your chakras is to lie with your spine straight and legs uncrossed.  Breathe in deeply, visualising the energy entering your crown chakra and traversing your central column as far as your stomach.  Breathe out and feel the energy continue downwards, through both legs and out through your feet.  Repeat four times, and then reverse, so that the energy comes up through your feet and leaves through your crown chakra.


Another lovely meditation is to imagine each chakra as a brightly coloured flower, whose petals are moving as if in a soft breeze.  Visualise each flower from your root chakra upwards, imagining them gently spinning just outside your body.  Once you reach your crown chakra, imagine its petals opening wide, and a beautiful waterfall of white light, or life-force energy, pouring into your crown chakra, spreading to every part of your body, cleansing, refreshing and unblocking each chakra.


alexandra life coach imageAlexandra Sutcliffe is a writer and life coach who specialises in creative and energy coaching.  She is currently offering a 50% discount to Fab After 50 readers – just mention this website when you contact her.



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