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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Why there’s nothing wrong with investing in your style

Article by Jacynth Bassett

ok to invest in your style over 50 image

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘there are more important things in life than clothes’. And yes, that is true. But if you’re anything like me – i.e. a fashion lover –  it’s a somewhat grating comment because underlying the statement is usually a sense of judgement. Fashion and clothes are still largely looked down upon by society as frivolous and self-indulgent. Just ask Anna Wintour who admitted somewhat sadly in the documentary The September Issue that her brother (diplomatic editor for the Guardian) and sister (a human-rights worker) find what she does ‘amusing’. Now undoubtedly Wintour’s siblings have highly respectful and important careers, but Anna doesn’t receive the same respect because of the industry she works in – despite her being the most powerful person in an industry worth $2.4 trillion.

But there is nothing wrong with loving clothes, and investing in how you look. Because to consider your outfit as ‘just clothes’ is completely denying the psychological impact it has. Whether you claim to be a fashion lover or not, what you wear speaks volumes about who you are; you’ve deliberately chosen it to project an impact to the world. Even those who claim they don’t care what they wear, actually do and wear clothes to portray that.

Clothing affects your mood

There’s no denying that, when you put on a certain outfit or item of clothing, it affects your mood. If you feel you look gorgeous, overall you’ll project a more confident attitude – which can often result in good things happening. Just look at the recent Amy Schumer film ‘I Feel Pretty’ – when the character feels she looks beautiful, even if she looks no different to before, her life improves. And studies have found that when you wear glasses, you’re more likely to do a task well because you feel more intelligent. Belief is very powerful.


So you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to look good if it makes you feel good. At any age it is important to invest in yourself to become the best version of yourself – and if that means loving clothes and wearing fab outfits, there’s nothing wrong with that.  If you buy an expensive bag you may receive scathing comments about how the money is better off spent somewhere else, but how you choose to spend your time and money is your prerogative. And it’s pretty likely they spend theirs on something else that you would consider completely silly.




jacynth style over 50 imageJacynth Bassett is the founder of the-Bias-Cut – Shopping With Attitude Where Ageism Is Never In Style. Swiftly becoming recognised as one of the UK’s leading pioneers of style at every age, she has written on the topic for The Guardian online, The Huffington Post, and contributed to a chapter on grown up style for an internationally published book. She has also been featured in the likes of the New Statesman, regularly speak on panels and podcasts, and is a ViewVo accredited business mentor. Plus she is a weekly and monthly style columnist for various leading 40+ online platforms. In her spare time, she loves to dance, specialising in hip-hop, and to dine out with family and friends.



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