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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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An introduction to Auras

Article by Alexandra Sutcliffe

 what are auras image

Auras are the energy fields that exist around everything, both living and inanimate, created by the vibrations of all the molecules and atoms contained within the particular being or object.

There are seven layers to each human aura, and they expand and contract depending on our moods, thoughts and feelings.  They consist of swirling colours that mingle with one another and are constantly moving.   Each represents a different layer of our consciousness, a bit like a mirror, reflecting our experiences as well as our emotional or physical condition.  They are our true essence, created from our vibrations, which in turn are created by everything we think, feel, say and do.

Our auras protect us from any harmful energy generated by our surroundings or other people.  If, for example, someone  makes you feel ill-at-ease for reasons you can’t explain, the chances are you’re experiencing an energy clash at an auric level – which could even be linked to a past life!

The Seven Layers of the Aura Are:


The Etheric Aura Layer – this is the closest to our physical body and is related to our Root or Base Chakra.  It is the link between our physical body and the other layers, and absorbs both good and bad vibrations without distinguishing between them.

The Emotional Aura Layer – linked to the Sacral Chakra and more fluid than the etheric layer, resembling clouds in colours which change depending on our mood – bright colours when we’re bright and positive, dull and muddy colours when we’re feeling down.

The Mental Aura Layer – associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and usually a bright shade of yellow.  This layer contains our thoughts, mental processes and core beliefs.  The clearer and better-formed our thoughts, the better-formed is this layer.

The Astral Aura Layer – linked to the Heart Chakra, with no specific shape or form, but infused with a hue of rose-pink.  This middle layer acts as the bridge between the lower vibrations of our physical world and the higher ones of the spiritual world.   This is the layer of love, people and relationships, and it filters the universal energy we receive, so that we are neither overwhelmed by it, but nor do we feel isolated or lacking direction.   This is the layer that relates to the auras of other people, sending us those gut feelings about someone new we meet.

The Etheric Template Aura Layer – related to the Throat Chakra and filled with blue light, this is like the negative of a photo, a copy of our physical body on a spiritual plane, and it becomes distorted when the physical body has a disease.

The Celestial Aura Layer – associated with the Third Eye Chakra, this aura is made up of shimmering pastel colours, and is the intuitive level, connected with memories, dreams and enlightenment, reflecting our subconscious minds.

The Causal Body – the seventh layer is related to the Crown Chakra, and appears as bright golden threads.  This aura contains the blue-print of our spiritual path, reflecting all the events our soul has experienced – in both this and our past lives.  This is the strongest and  most resilient layer of the aura.

If your aura is out of balance

If you’re feeling out of sorts or sluggish, your aura might be out of balance.  To correct this, try the following simple breathing exercise: take three deep breaths, and as you inhale, imagine you are breathing in cleansing, joyful white light, filling every part of your body.  As you exhale, imagine all your stress and negativity leaving your body as grey smoke – white light in, grey smoke out.  It’s a lovely meditation to do at any time you are feeling stressed or down – a real pick-me-up!


alexandra life coach imageAlexandra Sutcliffe is a writer and life coach who specialises in creative and energy coaching.  She is currently offering a 50% discount to Fab After Fifty readers – just mention this website when you contact her.


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