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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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What is the Law of Attraction?

Article by Alexandra Sutcliife

law of attraction image

Made famous by the 2006 movie The Secret, the Law of Attraction works on the principle that our vibrations, created by our thoughts, are constantly attracting ‘things’ in life, good or bad.

Quantum physics states that matter is simply condensed energy, and everything in the world is made of energy, which vibrates at different levels.   Matter contains consciousness, so whatever we think, say or do creates vibrations, which then manipulate the energy in and around us.   Our energy is constantly attracting matching energy, and the starting point for this is our thoughts.  Put simply, thoughts become things.

The Law of Attraction is working 24/7, whether we like it or not.  Everything we have in our lives now, both good and bad, we have created ourselves.  If your prevailing thoughts are: ‘I hate my lousy job, I hate my commute, I’m always broke and my love-life is rubbish’, the vibrations you send out will be matched, sending you more of the same.

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Imagine you give two people birthday presents.  One is delighted and really lets you know it.  The other shows little gratitude.   Who are you more likely to give a present to next year?

Universal energy, or Source, works in a similar way.  The more grateful you are for everything you’ve got, the more it’ll match your happy vibe and the more good things it will give.  So adopt an attitude of gratitude – think of three things every day to be grateful for, even if they’re as simple as a delicious lunch, less traffic than you were expecting, and the warm smile of a stranger.

Get into the habit of being happy and seeking out life’s positives, rather than focusing on the negative.  Become a cup-is-half-full person!


What you Focus on, you Create


Here are three simple ways to get the Law of Attraction to start working in your favour:


  1. Get clear on what you want. Stop thinking about what you don’t want – this lousy job – and get clear on what you DO want.  Really think about it and put it out there.  I want a job where my talents and skills are used, and where I’m appreciated, meet interesting people, and my commute takes less than half an hour.
  2. Feel it’s already there. Once you know what you want, think about it in a happy, positive way, as if it’s just a matter of time before it arrives.  Believe it will happen and banish all doubt.  Doubt is the enemy.  You don’t need to be arrogant, just learn to TRUST – To Rely Upon Source Totally.
  3. Start the journey. If you’re after love, there’s no point in identifying your perfect partner and then sitting around doing nothing about it – you’ve got to help the Universe help you back!  Make the first move so it has something to match – start focusing on activities you enjoy, where you might meet someone with similar tastes, and get yourself out there.  If your preferred activity is knitting – go ahead anyway.  Your ideal man probably won’t be in the knitting group, but his sister might be…


Get Happy


There have been two, huge periods in my life when things have really worked out for me.  Both involved moving to a new country, and strong feelings of freedom, happiness and excitement.  Neither involved doubt, worry or fear.  In both cases, coincidences kept happening, doors swung open and good things seemed to come as if on order.

I’ve also endured awful periods where nothing seemed to go right.   Looking back, I can see I was just plain miserable, and that was the energy I kept putting out.  The stark fact is, nothing good will happen when you vibrate unhappiness.

It might seem easier said than done, but being positive is the only way to benefit from the abundance of the Law of Attraction.   It all comes down to your thoughts – so make sure they’re good ones!


Alexandra Sutcliffe is a life coach who will shortly be offering three specific course packages: Attracting Love, Attracting Abundance and Making Positive Change.  For more details, please visit: https://alexandralifecoach.blogspot.com/




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