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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Storage hacks for an organised home

storage hacks for a organised home


An organised home not only ensures you can find everything you need, when you need it, but with less clutter and confusion you can relax a little easier too. If your home is need of a declutter and a little organisation, take a look at these storage hacks for every room.


Start by decluttering

Work room by room and remove any items you don’t have a home for, no longer need or want to donate to a charity shop nearby.


Where to store things you want to sell later

  1. In a storage unit – Whether you need self-storage in Southampton or a small lock up in London, there is a huge range of storage solutions up and down the country where you can keep those bulkier items out of the way, ready to sell or donate later after organising your home.
  2. In the garage – Garages are great temporary storage spaces, ideal for housing items you aren’t quite ready to part with.
  3. In the loft – Pop those spare items up with the Christmas decorations until you decide what to do with them.


Kitchen storage hacks

Once you’ve done your declutter and your kitchen features only the things you want and need, it’s time to get organised. Try out these storage hacks:

  • Use magazine holders to organise foil and cling film – Stick these inside the cupboard doors and keep those foil and cling film packets lined up and easy to access.
  • Use suction hooks – Suction hooks are great for sticking inside cupboards to hang cloths and towels on or along tiles underneath wall cupboards for larger utensils for easy access.
  • Create a fridge spice rack – Skip the usual space consuming spice rack and grab metal tins to fill with your favourite seasonings. Add a magnet to the back and stick these to the fridge to keep them organised and neat.
  • Label everything – Decant flours and sugar into mason jars and label these with their contents. Chalk paint is another great idea, which means you can change the contents if you need to.


Living room storage hacks

Living rooms are where we spend most of our time relaxing with family and friends so they can become disorganised quickly. Try out these tricks to keep things in order.

  • Make a sofa arm tray – A tray that sits on the sofa arm can hold your remotes, glasses wipes and tissues so everything you need is close to hand. Follow this DIY tutorial to make your own or pick one up from Amazon.
  • Use bread tags to organise cords – When you go to unplug and plug another electrical appliance in near the TV, the amount of wires and sockets can be confusing. So use bread clips and attach these to the wire with the name of the electrical item it corresponds to – that means you won’t unplug the TV while your partner is enjoying their soaps when you’re trying to free up a plug for your phone charger!
  • Baskets are great for organising your items – Pop some wire baskets along the shelf on your TV unit and use these to house those items in your living room that don’t really have a home, such as glasses cases, spare chargers and console controllers.

Bathroom storage hacks

Many British bathrooms can be on the small side, so storage hacks are ideal for keeping these spaces organised and tidy. Try out these hacks.


  • Add another shower rail – Pop another rail above the bath and hang S hooks from this, ready to hang your loofa, shower gels and bathroom caddies from. It keeps everything off the bathtub rim but still easy to access. Here’s a good example we found on Pinterest.
  • Use a shoe organiser on the shower curtain rail – Hang a plastic shoe organiser on the other side of your shower rail and keep everything you need close by. Mesh shoe organisers are best, so the water doesn’t collect in the pouches!
  • Add shelves around pedestal sinks – You can buy these ready made or create one yourself, follow this tutorial.


Try out these hacks for yourself to create a truly organised home the whole family can benefit from!


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