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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Overnight masks for the best beauty sleep

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Want the Best Beauty Sleep? Buy Natural Jade Roller for Face and Use an Overnight Mask

The Korean skincare invasion is the gift that keeps on giving. After sheet masks and their multiple steps skincare routine, they give us overnight or sleeping masks. Sleeping masks or sleeping packs are meant to be worn overnight and then washed off when we wake up. They may have richer texture than regular face creams, but not necessarily in terms of moisture or active ingredients. They’re meant to be used on top of your regular skin care products to lock-in moisture and help our skin absorb all those antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients.

How do they differ from clay and sheet masks?

A clay mask acts as a vacuum, sucking deep seated dirt and comedones. Once it hardens, we must wash it off. Leaving it on beyond the prescribed drying period can dry our skin, leading to irritation and inflammation.

Sheet masks are primarily for hydrating our skin. Most contain added benefits that address wrinkles, dull skin or hyperpigmentation. Sheet masks are best used with eDiva’s jade roller (if you don’t have one, buy natural jade roller for face asap!). When the sheet dries on our face, we must remove it. Leaving it reverses the process and the dried sheet may start to reabsorb all the product it deposited on our skin.

Jade Rollers

Buy natural jade roller for face to get the best from your overnight mask

The foundation of using an overnight mask is properly cleansed skin. You may use it on days you exfoliate and on days you don’t, but the mask’s ingredients will be absorbed better on days you exfoliate. After cleaning and exfoliating, apply your serum or face oil. Take your eDiva jade roller and start rolling over sections of your face, starting from the jawline going up your forehead. If you don’t have a jade roller, you need to buy natural jade roller for face pronto. Roll sideways and upwards, and never roll backwards. If you want to use a moisturizer after the serum or oil, apply some and use your eDiva jade roller again to make sure your moisturiser is properly absorbed. Now you can apply your sleeping pack to lock everything in. The  jade roller works in synergy with your sleeping mask. It helps your face continue absorbing moisture and other active ingredients from your sleeping mask. It improves blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, optimising your skin’s ability to heal and regenerate as you sleep. It also relaxes you, so you can sleep longer and deeper. That’s why if you don’t have one, buy natural jade roller for face from eDiva’s Amazon store the next time you’re online.

How often can you use an overnight mask?

You can use them every evening. But you can’t exfoliate every evening so if you want to maximise your product, pick the evenings you exfoliate and know you’ll be getting substantial amount of sleep.

Overnight masks may sound like a gimmicky new word for night moisturiser. It may even sound redundant when it says it moisturises, refines and smoothes our skin because our serums and moisturisers do the same things. However, the added step of placing the mask over our face to seal all the wonderful ingredients of our favourite products work wonders the morning after. Used with eDiva’s jade roller, the results are beyond extra! If you don’t have one yet, buy natural jade roller for face here.




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