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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Simple Self-Care Tips

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You would be hard-pressed to find somebody that hasn’t had a difficult day every once in a while under normal circumstances. Adding the pandemic and lockdown in the mix has placed additional layers of stress for all of us. Even as restrictions are being lifted, we are emerging into a very uncertain new ‘normal’. It’s more important than ever to to invest in you.   If you aren’t particularly good at making time for self-care, that’s something you need to change. You don’t need to put self-care  in the diary for a Friday evening, it should be something that you can do any time day or night when you need it.

The idea behind self-care is to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

And self-care can be pretty individual. What suits you may not suit your best friend.

At the end of your pamper session or self-care moment, you should feel rejuvenated, have a lower stress level, and feel more relaxed.


Here are some simple tips for you and your self-care.


If you have dry hair, damaged hair, or split ends, now is the time to add a huge amount of moisture. Let’s face it, with hair salons having been closed for months this is the scenario most of us face. To improve the condition of your hair , try to use as little heat as possible for styling as it’s the heat that creates the most damage. Look at incorporating a hair mask into your pamper session . Fortunately we can order hair products online . In between deep treatments, you can use olive oil and a warm towel to infuse your hair with moisture.

Smooth the oil between your hands and into the ends of your hair, it is important to skip the roots of your hair so that you do not get a greasy scalp. Then you simply wrap the ends of your hair in that warm towel, to help the hair shaft open up so it can really soak in all of that nourishment.


Many people rush to get things done when they are in the bath or the shower. However, you should make time during your pamper evening to take it nice and slow. Play soft music in the background, read a book in the bath. Pamper your body. You don’t need to buy expensive skincare products, you can make a great exfoliating scrub at home.

Try to look for skin-loving ingredients like jojoba oil,  argan oil and coconut oil. Avoid anything with microbeads as they are not good for you or the environment. When you are using your exfoliation scrub use large circular motions, this will wake up the skin, and ensure you are left with silky smooth skin.

Use a body brush after your bath or shower to help improve skin tone and circulation.


We need to look after our bodies inside and out. While many of us are concerned about applying products on our skin and hair, now is the time to drink more water . Most of us aren’t drinking enough water, and as such, they have drier skin, deeper eyebags and might generally be more tired. In fact if you feel thirsty it’s a sign that you are already dehydrated.  If you aren’t drinking enough water, your moisturisers are going to need to work twice as hard.

Try to find a moisturiser with at least 90% or more natural ingredients. And ensure that you are moisturising at least three times a week, or that you have a body butter ready for your pamper evening.

Self-care is all about doing the thing that makes you feel good at that moment. Self-care is great for your skin, your hair, your mental health and your confidence. Find the time to do the small things that make you feel fabulous.



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