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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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A Guide To The Cosmetic Use Of Botox

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Botox is a toxin made from Botulinum, which leads to botulism. But when a doctor uses it appropriately, it can deliver a plethora of benefits. It provides patients with both medical and cosmetic treatments, which can enhance both their looks their confidence. Derived from bacteria called botulinum, Botox , to be used safely , must be used in specific amounts at clinically improved injection points. It is advised that you search for reputable “botox clinics near me” on the internet and make an appointment with a fully qualified physician for treatment. Let’s find out how this treatment helps in cosmetic and medical treatment.


Botox for cosmetic treatment

Botox is primarily used for eliminating or softening wrinkles from the face and neck. It also tightens the skin, reducing the signs of ageing. Many do not realise that Botox is the one of the most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures worldwide. Millions of people from all over the globe opt for this treatment to improve their appearance. It has been used to treat patients with squints for decades – in correcting the squint it was noticed that it also eliminated wrinkles – hence its use for cosmetic purposes was identified.

Depending on the kind of treatment you choose, the effects are not permanent. Patients who come for the treatments often ask their doctors to inject the liquid between the eyebrows to treat the frown lines, around the eyes to eliminate crows feet, on the forehead to remove frown lines, at the mouth’s corner to get rid of the lines and even on the chin.

In most cases, people opt for the forehead and around the eyes to treat the wrinkles with Botox. It has also been suggested that this treatment can also reduce dark circles. However, little evidence currently supports this.


How does the treatment work?

Botox blocks the nerve signals temporarily and stops muscles from contracting. When the liquid is injected, it automatically improves your facial features and reduces the lines and the wrinkles. It also slows down developing new lines around the eyes, forehead, chin and in between the eyebrows.

The cosmetic treatment is minimally invasive and takes less than 30 minutes. If you are worried, you can ask your physician to give you a topical anaesthetic. During the treatment, your surgeon will inject botulinum type A with a very thin needle on the areas you want to treat.


What can you expect right after the treatment?

There can be slight discomfort and pain in the treated area. Headache, numbness, swelling and tiredness are some of the side effects which you can face. Avoid touching your face and rubbing it because it may irritate your skin. The side effects will go after a day or so and you see noticeable changes in your face after three or four days.


The effects may last up to four months, and you will need to revisit your physician should you wish to maintain the effect. It’s best to build a relationship with the same practitioner who can best assess how the treatment is working for you and the quantity of botox you require o achieve the results you want. . Search for a botox clinic near you, and you will find a list of centres. Contact more than one for a consultation to select the practitioner you have the most confidence in and feel most comfortable with..



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