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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Live life to the full over 50: Leave the Waiting Room of Your Life

Article by Christine Foley 

leave the waiting room and start living your life image

You know, I have this suspicion that most people actually waste their best years waiting for something to happen to them that will make them happy and that they accept that that is just the way it is. I think that the majority of people believe that the best they deserve is to feel reasonably OK with things the way they are.

It so often seems like everyone is waiting:

  • Waiting to be ready
  • Waiting for the right time
  • Waiting to feel confident
  • Waiting for the children to leave home
  • Waiting until the New Year
  • Waiting until things are more certain

Waiting until we’ve finished whatever project we’re on with right now so that we can fully concentrate on doing what we really want to do: waiting for the pain that we are feeling right now to subside.

Waiting to Get Started

The thing is that each day we spend waiting to get started means that we’re going to be waiting another day to be where we want to be. We are unconsciously pushing that point further and further away; even though we are not happy with ourselves about that, we are still doing it.


So why is that? Why do we live day to day knowing that we are reading the magazine articles of other people’s lives whilst sitting in the waiting rooms of our own? Waiting. Waiting for an unidentified point in time when we just know that we’ll swing into action and that momentum will carry us forward from there.

Shielding Pain

Everyone hates being in the waiting room before some ‘procedure’ that’s going to happen on the other side of that door. Even the loveliest, most air-conditioned and sweetly- smelling doctors’ waiting rooms still have that atmosphere of apprehension hanging there. Everyone is still avoiding each other’s eyes and being secretive; shielding their pain rather than sharing it.

Just Waiting, quietly

We can try to occupy our minds by trying to guess what everyone else is in there for. Most people look fine and so they get you wondering whether they need to be there at all: why are they sitting there when they could be out there doing something more productive with their time?

In the waiting room of our lives we can appear to be in control; free of pain. Just waiting, quietly.

The Endpoint

When you’re in the doctor’s waiting room there’s always an endpoint though, isn’t there? At some point, someone calls your name and your body responds by making you stand up and walk through that door into the surgery, whether you want to go or not.

No One Will Call You Out

But your own waiting room is not like that. In actual fact, you could sit in there for years, and no one will call you out. Sit and sit while the pain builds until it finally becomes so excruciating that you have to do something- just out of sheer instinct.

A Challenge for You

What if today someone from your imagined future life popped their head around the door and called your name? What if that was me?

What if I told you that it was your turn- your time to leave your warm seat in the waiting room and propel yourself however uncertainly, towards that future you have been thinking about?

Push Forward

Don’t tell me you’re not ready. That’s what’s been holding you back all this time- remember? And don’t tell me you’re not qualified, or brave enough or strong enough, because you need to leave those gossipy little voices behind and push forward.

You Will Like and Respect Yourself More

They say that the first step is always the hardest, but today I think you should take it. Doesn’t need to be a massive step- just one in the right direction, followed by another. You’ll like and respect yourself more for taking it, and that will help you to build the forward momentum.

Then just keep going, every day: out of the waiting room door and into the life you want for yourself. It’s not going to be easy, but you and I both know that you can do it.


Christine Foley is lives in Cumbria in the UK with her husband and two boys. She is a full-time teacher, female empowerment coach, and blogger. She aims to help women to gain financial and emotional confidence through starting and running their own successful online businesses. You can reach her at https://www.christinefoleycoaching.com


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