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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Great Home Decor Ideas For A Cosy Night In

interior design tips for cosy rooms imageA new year brings many new opportunities to transform your home. While spending the majority of your time at home right now, why not make it as cosy as it can be? With the weather pretty cold outside, it’s all too tempting to stay indoors on the sofa or upstairs in bed.


But if your home is lacking style and comfort for a relaxing night in, there are a few ways that you can create the perfect cosy night in front of the television with some home decor updates. Once you’ve finished, you can sit back and relax and enjoy some of the best shows to watch on Netflix right now including The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, Derry Girls, and much more.


Rethink your room colour scheme


Are you trying to relax and unwind at home but your decor is just too light? While neutral colours are great to use in home decor, sometimes light neutrals can make the living space appear colder. Warmer tones can help warm up the space and make it feel more cosy. Over the years there have been many different decor colour trends in the bedroom that have been popular to use, from white and cream and from pink to yellow.

ideas for painted furniture image


If you can’t change your whole bedroom colour scheme, you could change your accessories instead. When repainting is just too much hard work, switching out your home accessories and soft furnishings can help create a cosy environment. Consider taking your cushions, bed linen, curtains, or throws, to another level by picking darker and more warmer colours.

Create the best atmosphere with creative lighting

When the days and nights are darker than usual, great lighting becomes even more crucial. You can easily bring the sunshine indoors with desk lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling lights. However, to create a cosy vibe in your home, you need to turn things down a notch so that the lighting is not too harsh. Dimmer switches and warm lighting can be great for this to create low light for your night in on the sofa.

There are many lighting tips for your home that can prove useful and you can incorporate ambient, task, and accent lighting into many rooms. To make things even cosier, using fairy lights and/or candles can help you create a cosy set up in front of the TV.

Experiment with a mixture of patterns and materials

bedroom design ideas


When you’re looking for great home decor and inspiration in or after your fifties, you might be looking for tips on how to declutter fast and how to save money on home renovations. You might also be looking for tips on which new accessories you can update your home with. To help shake up your home decor you can always mix and match with a variety of quirky patterns and materials to suit your home.

For a cosy evening at home, fluffy throws, soft rugs, and cosy large cushions can help you relax and unwind in a comfortable space. Choose items that compliment the rest of your warm decor or even get something that clashes if you like. Find what suits you best and what makes your living space the comfiest it can be.

Add a cosy fire to the living space

With cold weather you are going to want to be toasty and warm for a cosy night in. You might be cooking up some tasty warm recipes to try out this season or you might be grabbing a pair of fluffy socks, your dressing gown, or turning the heating up. While all of these options are great, why not add a rustic feel to your space too? If you have a fireplace, lighting the fire (or turning it on) can help add a crackling warm touch to your evening at home.

If you don’t have a fireplace, or you just don’t fancy putting it on, candles also help create a cosy atmosphere in your home. While you’re watching a movie, reading your favourite book, or taking a relaxing bath, candles can help create a cosy calming home setting for your night in.


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