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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to stay current with emerging technology trends over 50

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Did you know that according to research, about 4.6 million job postings were tech-related in 2019? And out of this figure, about 822,000 represented emerging technologies. This research shows how rapidly technology is penetrating the world and its systems and how important it is to possess tech knowledge. From this, we can boldly say that at some point, lack of expertise in aspects of technology can render a person irrelevant in the corporate world. It can even make it a lot harder to find a job because very soon, knowledge in technology may become an essential requirement. Therefore, it would be beneficial to you personally, and to your business to acquire such knowledge. Below are a few tips to assist you.

Keep an open mind

Considering the constant updates and improvements to technology, keeping abreast of everything would require you to keep an open mind. You may need to have an objective approach concerning technological advances since it is a never-ending journey.

It will require ongoing studies and continuous growth. Therefore, choosing to maintain a resistant attitude or a narrow-minded viewpoint will affect your ability to absorb all you need to learn. Try to remain as teachable as possible, and you will be off to a flying start in your quest for knowledge.

Learn to take things slow

Putting undue pressure on yourself can cause you to get overwhelmed and even want to give up but remember that acquiring knowledge is a gradual process that can take time. Try not to get intimidated by the things you see and hear around you. Take things easy on yourself and go at your own pace. Make steady progress, and eventually, you will get to the level you desire without putting yourself through excessive stress. 

Make an effort to read widely

Various people have different preferences regarding the content they read and the sources of such content. This can range from lifestyle topics to health and even politics. However, one thing that is gradually penetrating every single area of life is tech devices. And so it has reached a point where you may need to keep up with tech devices to be able to continue enjoying many other things.To help with this, it would be advisable to read up on topics related to these devices and how they impact all parts of daily life. And also, don’t forget to always widen your sources of information. Try to read from various experts in textbooks, newspapers, online, and so on.


Take part in virtual events and webinars

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It is often easier to get the required information on updates in technological trends right from the sources or affiliates of such technologies. In recent times a lot of webinars and virtual events are held before the release of tech updates and also after the release. From these webinars, you will understand the essential research fuelling the release. When you join such groups, you will get to know of the existing challenges and loopholes that have brought on the need for a particular change or solution. Access to such information can help you to narrow down knowledge gaps, which enables you to understand how solutions can benefit you and the people close to you. 

At virtual events held after the release of new technology, information is given out on how to operate such technologies and the benefit of these technologies to the general public. When you join in such events you will have the needed tools to assist you operate such new technologies with ease. And even in cases where you have no plans of using such technologies, you will still be equipped with the knowledge to help you coexist in the ever evolving world without feeling like you have been left behind. Such events also help you to meet and build networks with other people of impact. Such people can be of help to you on a personal level or even to your business whenever the need arises.

Liaise with some service providers

It can be particularly hard to keep up with technological trends when you do not find yourself directly in the sectors or industries related to such advances. However, it can be made easy by keeping in contact with people who deliver services within these sectors. For example, it will be a lot easier to learn about new improvements on how to guard against fraudsters or viruses from a provider of cyber security courses, rather than trying to figure things out by yourself. With this in mind, do not hesitate to keep in contact with various service providers who are in the right position to offer you accurate information and assistance.

Consider taking some online courses

take online courses image over 50 image

You may be the type who prefers to take in information in an organized setting with all the full details, just like you would access it in a classroom, and there’s nothing to worry about since it is possible. Online classes are now available to attend to all your educational needs. Some come in the form of short courses, while others come in the form of training sessions, and so you are sure to find a setting and time frame that will best suit you.

Such online classes will provide you with all the information you need on technological trends, all from the comfort of your home. You can even train your employees to keep them abreast with trends and help boost your business since they will be equipped to handle new technology efficiently.

Follow social media accounts

Social media is currently being used as a primary point of communication globally, and so a lot of individuals and institutions alike use it to give updates to the general public. Therefore, you can consider following the social media accounts of sectors or industries of interest so that you do not miss any relevant information or announcements.

 For example, it would be beneficial for a person interested in Apple phones to follow any of their official pages on social media to get alerted of any new releases or software updates. 

Welcome information on the internet

The internet has become an excellent place for gathering information. Even though not all things found on the internet may be accurate, it also provides you with trusted information. Therefore try to find out about new issues and trends from the internet. If you happen to get easily overwhelmed with text, there are a lot of other options to explore.

You can keep yourself well-versed on trends by watching video tutorials and listening to audio messages on various topics of interest. With the help of the internet you can really keep up to date with technological trends through Web pages, blogs, articles, and so on.

The world is rapidly changing and growing and it has reached a point where conscious effort needs to be made to be able to keep up. Since nobody would want to be left behind, it is best to put in the work and stay knowledgeable of this ever-changing world. By taking up online courses, reading widely, joining online networks, attending webinars and other online events, you will quickly find yourself at the forefront of technology. You can participate in lively debates and make strong contributions. Therefore, try your best to keep up and remain significant as an individual. It is also easier for individuals with current knowledge to run businesses that are also up to date with all the latest technology, therefore, make your start and always remember to keep an open mind. 



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