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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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4 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean

easy spring cleaning tips


As lockdown eases and we can finally meet up with friends and family- all be it al fresco- spring cleaning may be the last thing we want to place on top of our ‘to do’ lists! If there’s one task that can be frustrating to keep on top of, it’s housekeeping. The bigger your home, the more you have to keep on top of – and the same applies if you live with more people too! Nonetheless, it must be done, and someone has to do it. There’s a lot you can do to make it easier for yourself, though. Letting it get too bad is going to make it even more tedious,  You can’t just leave it for tomorrow, as there will be even more for you to take care of there.

Invest in cleaning gadgets

If there’s one thing that can make the job easier for you, it’s a robotic vacuum that does the job for you! A vacuum cleaner that you can tell when to clean is a great solution to dealing with a portion of the work. You’re still going to have to take care of the other jobs, but that’s one ticked off your list.. If there’s anything that makes a job less tedious, it’s not having to do it yourself, and that’s exactly what a robot cleaner can do for you!

Keep a schedule

If you manage to keep up a schedule for your cleaning, the task itself becomes a lot less tedious. It’s about getting into the habit of keeping the place clean so that you can get used to a routine . You’re going to have to give up a set amount of time every day or every other day to get things done, but you’ll have to give up that time regardless. Once you’re used to it, it becomes much easier to deal with, and you’ll find that you can stay on top of it without as much fuss.

Use the right supplies

A lot of the problems when it comes to cleaning can be lack of equipment and supplies. Not all cleaning products are going to be fully effective, and not all cleaning equipment is the best at doing its job. Investing in the right tools for the job can cut the effort and time down significantly, and you’ll find that the costs are well worth it once you get into it. No one wants to spend their time or money on cleaning, but if it saves you time later on, it pays for itself!

Declutter your spaces

A lot of the problem with having to clean up regularly is often because of a lack of space, or too many belongings laying around. It can be hard to keep a place looking tidy when you have nowhere to put things away. Invest in storage solutions or bite the bullet and declutter.  Letting go of some items can be difficult  – it’s no good hoarding everything just because of the sentimental value. Look at ways to retain the memory of the item without having to keep the item itself. Can you repurpose things or even sell them to raise additional funds?  Learn to say no to yourself when you’re out and about shopping – just because you find a good deal, doesn’t mean you need to keep it! Clutter can make the home look very untidy, and it’s impossible to keep a place clean and calm with too many objects lying around.


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