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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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What Business Direction to Choose After 50

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The 50-years milestone is the moment of changes that shouldn’t be missed. People of this age often lower the pace of their lives and start paying more attention to leisure and dreams’ pursuing. People frequently seize their dream to quit a job they don’t like and start successful businesses in their 50s.

According to the latest research, in the last 20 years, the percentage of senior people who become entrepreneurs has increased twice. These days, roughly one in four seniors start their own companies. If you want to become an entrepreneur in your 50s and succeed, scroll down below. In the post, you will find the best business direction to choose.


The major advantage of seniors over the young generation is the experience that they gained. Most people have at least a 30-year working background in their 50s. The gained skills and hands-on experience can become a great baseline for starting a successful counseling business and achieving success.

This direction opens vast opportunities for people with different backgrounds. You can provide counseling services in accounting, management, tailoring, engineering, etc. Also, seniors with a vast traveling background can run a successful tourism counseling business. Being a skilled investor, you can open an advising company to help people spend their savings properly and get passive income.

Also, you can become a life-savior for students who always ask their friends, “Is EduBirdie legit?” to get help online and avoid poor-quality services, having a working background in the education niche. Starting a counseling business in this direction, you will be responsible for providing different services. You will need to help prospective students pick the best educational institution, make them prepared for obtaining a higher education, and guide them while studying.

The niche also attracts a lot of senior people due to a large number of benefits. There is no need to invest a lot of funds in starting a counseling firm. You can start small by renting an office and allocating a little promotion budget. Also, the business doesn’t need you to control all the processes from nine to five. You can have flexible working hours that will help you have enough time for leisure.

Handyman and Gardening Services

The 50-years milestone is the right moment to turn the experience into money for construction workers, plumbers, HVAC specialists, landscapers, etc. In case you have hands-on experience in a particular home and garden maintenance profession, you can create a handyman or gardening firm. A great professional background will help you tackle even the most complicated orders that can bring large profits. Thanks to your experience, you likely have a lot of connections that will help you run your business professionally.

Note, it needs some investments for renting an office, buying a car, purchasing equipment, and hiring professionals who will work under your guidance. Both men and women can get into this business. In most cases, men are responsible for maintaining and repairing houses thanks to vast technical experience. Women are often great experts in maintaining plants, lawns and creating landscape designs.

Bed and Breakfast

If you have a great property in a destination that attracts a lot of tourists, you can start a successful bed and breakfast business in your 50s. It seems hassle-free and very profitable. Well, it can help you make good money, but it will need you to be a busy bee and spend most of your time at home. Making little investments, you will be required to hire a specialist who will examine your house’s safety and fix any possible technical issues if there are some. Also, you will need to buy new bed linen for your guest.

Providing bed and breakfast services, you will also be required to wake up early every morning to prepare some meals for your guests. Therefore, you will need to manage food wisely and go to a grocery store frequently. You may delegate this part of the work to a catering service. However, it may cut a large part of your earnings.

Follow Your Passion

Most Americans have to compromise on their dream to pay out college loans, a house mortgage, and pay for their kids’ education. However, in their 50s, people always have enough funds for getting into entrepreneurship. If you strive to earn a lot of money risk-free, choose one of the business directions in the post above or consider buying a franchise.

In case you want to become an entrepreneur to stop competing with the young generation and earn a living, don’t miss the chance to pursue your dreams. Don’t be shy about following your passion by turning your hobby into a business. For instance, if you’re fond of cooking, try to invest your savings into opening a bakery or eatery. The 50s is the perfect age to turn your dreams into life.




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