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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Does friendship change over 50?

    Article by Jaki Scarcello Does friendship change in the second half of our life? Friends from childhood? Work colleagues? New friendships formed from shared interests? Jaki Scarcello explores the changing nature of friendship over 50, seeing all friendships as gifts. Friendship is in a woman’s DNA. We cannot rid ourselves of the imprint of a shared fire and a bit of companionable gab over the fresh hunt. In fact, according to Anna Holmes who writes for the New Yorker online “It is other women, not men…who most impact the evolution of girls into women. Other women, not men, who provide the opportunities for self-expression and self-discovery. Other women, not men, who bear witness to the triumphs and tragedies of young womanhood. Other women, not men, in whom...
  2. Do Boomer Women have to achieve more ‘firsts’ to be visible on TV?

    Article by Jaki Scarcello Earlier this month BBC Director General Mark Thompson responded to accusations that the British government owned broadcaster was treating older women unfairly. The accusations centered around issues such as representation of older women as presenters and program hosts and the nature in which older women were represented in general in the BBC programming. There had been some incidents over the past few years where older woman were removed from their positions and replaced with younger women. One incident involving on air host, Miriam O’Reilly generated particular attention and in the end an employment tribunal judged against the BBC in the case of Ms O’Reilly’s dismissal. Mr. Thompson wisely councils against knee jerk reactions which would remove competent younger BBC employees and replace them with politically correct appointees. Is that what...
  3. Mid-life transitions -Maria Shriver calls for same help as many 50 plus women

    Article by Jaki Scarcello I read that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger are separating after 25 years of marriage. A separation is always sad news, even those ones which clearly need to happen, toll the ending of a hope which was formed when the relationship began. I am particularly moved by Maria’s situation as this separation comes just a few months after the death of her father, Sargent Shriver, and less than two years after her mother’s passing. And apparently Maria has recently been touring colleges with one of her children so on top of all the other changes… the nest is emptying. No wonder Ms. Shriver recently posted a YouTube video asking people to share the three things they did to get through their own life transitions. Transition is a...
  4. Royal Weddings, Video Technology and My Own Mortality

    Article by Jaki Scarcello Twenty nine years ago my alarm rang at 4:30AM and I jumped from bed and seated myself before the TV to watched Charles and Diana perform the royal wedding waltz. I was in the first decade of my own marriage to an indulgent man who was unsure of why I would want to get up at 4:30AM to watch these people I did not know but he was supportive as long as I closed the bedroom door and did not disturb him. I made myself English Breakfast Tea and celebrated this special day by drinking it from a fine English bone china cup, complete with saucer, forgoing my usual crass colonial pottery mug. I had a lovely morning enthralled with the pomp and circumstance, loving the carriage ride and the balcony kiss. I sighed...
  5. I am a Fabwoman

    Article by By Jaki Scarcello  I really believe that. But when Ceri suggested I write my fab story to include in the illustrious company of women like Deb, Marianne and Sandy, I had to stop for just a moment and ask myself , “am I that fab?“ The answer? No I am not. I have not done anything as brave or courageous as my fellow fabites . No skydiving, mountain climbing, rig scurrying here, nor any examples of incredible benevolence or overcoming catastrophic illness. So why did I not say,” Thanks Ceri but you need to find someone so much more worthy than me?” Because, when I started to think about it I realized my lack of enormity is exactly the point of my story. I left my home of 43 years In 2000 I left Canada,...
  6. AGE is a three letter word!

    Article by Jaki Scarcello Nora Ephron hates me. I feel badly about that I really do. She seems to be an amazing woman, smart, funny and so talented. Nora, for those of you who thought she was just a film director, producer, screenwriter and journalist, is also the author of I Feel Bad About My Neck.  Nora, I can live with your disgust because I am on a mission. Ms Ephron says that she can’t stand people who write about how great it is to be old. She asks “Don’t they have necks?” Well Nora I do have a neck and I am sticking my aged and wrinkled neck out and telling women it is time to change their attitude about aging. As long as there is breath we are ageing Yes...
  7. Friendship over 50- Friends for Life?

     Article by Jaki Scarcello A supportive network of family and friends may have an impact on longevity according to new research just out from Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.(LA Times 9/13/10) Friends are good for us as we age Betty Friedan also quoted similar research findings in 1993 in her book “The Fountain of Age” So the experts are telling us…friends are good for us as we age. However these “golden friendships” may differ from the ones you had when you were younger. Friendship issues was an unexpected topic,which came up in my interviews with vibrant women 50+ while researching for my last book. It took me by surprise when my interviewees identified that their friendship patterns had changed in two significant ways as they had aged. First of...
  8. What Does Retirement Mean to You?

    Article by Jaki Scarcello What do you see when you look past the edge of the work space you now occupy? Many of us are rethinking our retirement plans these days. There are economic imperatives. When I look at my post workforce financial situation I have to admit the IRA’s or RRSPs or any other acronym you want to use to describe what should be my leisure year savings account, is not quite up to par. But putting aside the Maslowian needs, I am so full of ideas I just can’t quit yet. Or maybe I just don’t want to quit yet because now that I am not so concerned about what people think of my crazy ideas—there just seem to be so many more options. We are 3 girls…same genes…different lives I know I caught this attitude in...
  9. The Day the Ladies of Khartoum Came to Tea

    Article by by Jaki Scarcello Across the world and across our cultures and varying circumstances we share many of the same daily rituals and sometimes we can  be transported into someone else’s parallel moment. The experience can change us forever. This morning in the LA Times I read about the tea ladies of Khartoum. I read about their difficult lives selling tea over open fires on the dusty city streets. I read about the songs they hum and sing as they set their fires at dawn and spread the last embers at sunset. These songs are the keepsakes from their villages and farms and the lush green hills of their past all lost now to war in Darfur. I read about their choice...
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