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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Rod Stewart – A lesson in Style Identity?

      Article by Judith Brady I recently had the great pleasure of going to a Rod Stewart outdoor charity concert and whether you like his music or not, you have to admire anyone who is still performing live when they are fast approaching 70 – his moves may be a bit more restrained but he sounds as good as ever!   I‘ve always loved his music having grown up with ‘Maggie May’, ‘Tonight’s the Night’, ‘Do Ya think I’m Sexy’ and ‘Sailing’ and I’ve always been intrigued by his personal style. He says in his biography that his appearance and clothes have always been very important to him and he was never afraid to look different. In fact, he refers to how he was written off by many in the music business because his look...
  2. Lorraine Kelly’s style edit for JD Williams – the launch

    Article by Judith Brady “Ignore mature women at your peril. We are a force to be reckoned with!” So said Lorraine Kelly at a wonderful event to launch her edit of the JD Williams Autumn/Winter collection. I was so thrilled to represent Fab after Fifty at this fabulous evening held at The Shard last week. Just going to The Shard is quite an experience – the event was held in the Shangri-la Hotel on the 35th floor which has its own elevator to whisk you up so fast that the digital display of the floor numbers can’t keep up! Fortunately it was an internal lift or I may have had a lot of stairs to climb as I’m not too keen on heights.   There seem to be nearly as many staff as guests and you...
  3. What were you wearing in the summer of 1976?

    Article by Judith Brady and Ceri Wheeldon   Finally some sunny weather – isn’t it wonderful and if you believe some forecasters, we’re in for a long hot summer. Talk of hot summers in the UK inevitably leads to reminisces about the summer of ’76 – the longest, hottest summer for hundreds of years. Do you remember? ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ (by Elton John and Kiki Dee was No 1 for 6 weeks), ‘Heaven must be missing an angel’ by Tavares (one of my Judith’s favourites at the time because her boyfriend bought it for her) and in August, ‘Dancing Queen’ was released, one of the most popular songs ever (the video of Abba singing this on Youtube has had over 48 million views!) were all in the charts...
  4. Let’s Dress Up on Valentine’s Day!

    Article by Judith Brady Do you have a special evening planned with the one you love on Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t really matter whether you’re going to the opera or staying in for a cosy night at home, we can all (men included!) make that special effort to show that we care. That could mean spending a little more time over your hair, putting on a coat of mascara and lip gloss, digging out your favourite top to wear with your best fitting jeans. Swap your usual slippers for some heels, a bit of perfume and you’re all set! If you have something more dressy planned (or hopefully planned for you!) here are a few ideas of how to dress up to get into that romantic frame of mind.   Sophisticated monochrome  ...
  5. Judith has Age-itude!

    Article by Judith Brady As a Style Coach with her own business and as style expert for Fab after Fifty, I’m used to helping other women discover their own style and what suits them. Featuring in an article by Woman magazine was a wonderful new experience with a photo shoot in London and it was fantastic having someone else do my hair and make-up. I was so thrilled to be involved with this article “We’ve got Age-itude”, featuring 3 women who changed their lives when they saw their 50th birthday looming, of which I am one. I started my own styling business in my late 40s after a career in marketing and finance and several years living all over the world as a result of my husband’s job – not...
  6. Video: How to look fabulously stylish over 50 with accessories for the party season.


    Judith accessories 3By Ceri Wheeldon and Judith Brady.

    You can be party ready over 50 just by choosing the right accessories.

    Stylist Judith Brady talks to Fab after Fifty about one of my favourite topics – accessories!

    In this video Judith with show how:you can transform an outfit and look stylish over 50 with the clever use of accessories :

    • statement necklaces
    • scarves, belts,
    • bracelets and cuffs.

    Accessories can play a part in transforming basic outfits into stunning party clothes.

    Look fabulous over 50 with these simple tips for accessorising.

    Enjoy the video, and please add your questions for future style videos in the comments box. We have lots of future style videos planned and would love to answer your questions.


    Look fabulous!!…

  7. Confessions of a menopausal stylist!

    Article by Judith Brady Do you ever have one of those days when you want to pull the duvet over your head and want to tell the world to just leave you alone? Well back in June I was feeling like that most days I was in the middle of the menopause, had some on-going problems with my back which was painful and felt irritable, tired and generally yuck. Plus I was putting on weight and couldn’t seem to do anything about it and had developed this roll of fat around my middle which I’d never had before. Certain items in my wardrobe became ‘off limits’ as I just knew they’d be too tight. I became detached from my own body, not wanting to look at it, just blaming it for letting...
  8. Are you terrified of fashion? 10 most common style problems for women over 50

    Article by Judith Brady Recent research claimed that once they hit 50 most women change their wardrobes and nearly half are terrified of wearing fashionable clothes as they think they have to start ‘dressing their age’. I think there’s a lot more to it than that as many of us have all sorts of worries and concerns as we get older and our bodies start to change. It is very frustrating when your body has morphed into some alien being, you haven’t a clue what suits you and all the old rules about what you could or couldn’t wear at a certain age have been torn up! Style concerns of women over 50 These are the concerns that I hear from my clients over and over again: I’m worried I’ll...
  9. Does size matter? Not when it’s the size on your label!

    Article by Judith Brady When I’m working with my clients I’m always encouraging them to forget about what the label says and just concentrate on getting clothes that fit them well. It sounds so easy and yet while on holiday earlier this year I was severely tested – could I practise what I preach? I was in Florida and had decided that I wanted a white dress. Not usually a colour I go for but with a great tan sometimes only white will do! When I found a lovely cotton white shift dress with a low scoop neckline front and back made of a lovely modern sort of broderie anglaise I was thrilled. I would have happily paid full price for it as it was just what I wanted but it was...
  10. Discovering your style identity over 50 – continued

    Article by Judith Brady In our on-going quest to discover your style identity (here’s a link to the first article if you missed it), you’ll have a collection of images that appeal to you and a list of adjectives to describe them. Just by doing the exercise you’ll have learnt a lot about yourself – are there any common themes between the images you picked out? Did you have trouble putting aside any built-in filters or conditioning? For example “I like it, but I couldn’t possibly wear that!”? I hope you managed to ignore any judgemental internal voices and stuck to whatever really jumped out at you! Which words would you like to be used to describe you? What about the...
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