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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. An inspirational poem to start your day and bring a sense of calm

    Article by Ntathu Allen Author and Founder of Yoga Inspires, Ntathu Allen shares this week’s Monday Moment of Calm, an inspirational poem, I am Love Bless you and welcome dear readers to another Fab After Fifty, Moment of Calm blog post. Life as we know it is very hectic and our Moment of Calm posts are designed to encourage you to pause,  take five minutes and tune in to the wonders of your heart. Sometimes, your schedule is so busy it is busy to get caught up in the mayhem of life and forget to breathe.  Just for today, we invite you to set time aside before you go to bed, breathe and read today’s post “I am Love” and when you wake up in the morning, spend a few more minutes re-reading...
  2. Women Over 50 Stand Up and Take Charge of Your Life

    Article by Ntathu Allen Author and Inner Wellness Practitioner,  Ntathu Allen shares two inspirational videos, from Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner to remind you and affirm how great life is and marvellous you are Bless you dear friends. Today’s moment of calm takes a slightly different vibe and a chance for you to celebrate how great, how marvellous and incredibly fantastic you are. Life isn’t always sunshine and roses, and sometimes events leave you in turmoil and nothing makes sense. We’ve all been there and today I offer you two icons of our time, Shirley Bassey and the great Tina Turner singing their heart out and inspiring women of all generations to stand up, live your life, breathe and keep the faith Fabulous Women Over 50 Superstar #1 Shirley Bassey singing This...
  3. Guided Meditation, How To Open Your Heart To Inner Peace (and avoid being lonely!)

    Article by Ntathu Allen “I open my heart to love in abundance, to forgive, to peace, patience and understanding” Bless you gentle friends and welcome to today’s post, How To Open Your Heart To Inner Peace (and avoid being lonely!). One of the best ways to invite more moments of calm into your life is to let go of past hurts and fears of rejection and ‘Open Your Heart’. What Does Open Your Heart Mean To You? When you hear the phrase “open your heart”, what comes to mind? For me, two images come to mind – the first one, someone going for open heart surgery to repair or replace a heart valve and the second, a moment by moment softening of the edges of your heart, a sense of letting go of past...
  4. Pick Yourself Up – A Poem to Give You Strength To Carry On

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessings and welcome dear friends and,  a hearty hug to new readers. We are glad you are here, taking time to tune in and rest your soul. Today’s post, Pick Yourself Up, is a poem written for you if you are going through a hard time and need a calm caring voice to cheer you up and remind you  how marvellous you are and you’re not alone. At FabafterFifty we want every woman over to experience inner happiness and calm so you feel fabulous and gorgeous every minute of your day. However, we know some day’s life is tough and no matter what you do, you struggle to shine and sparkle. If this sounds like you or you know someone who is going through a hard time, this poem...
  5. 12 Ways Every Woman Over 50 Can Have More Fun, Inner Happiness and Calm In Your Day

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessed angels, as usual, it’s a joy to write you. We pray you are well and loving life. Today’s Monday’s Moment of Calm offers you 12 fabulous ways, women over 50 can have more fun and make time for inner happiness and calm in your day. And, as a little extra treat, to help you remember what these 12 tips are, we’ve based them on an acronym of our theme Moment of Calm! Over the next few blog posts, we’ll explore in extra detail how you can weave these 12 tips, tools and techniques into your daily schedule to help you reduce stress and experience more fun, inner happiness and calm. So, you will feel fabulous and gorgeous every minute of your day. 12 Fabulous After Fifty...
  6. 4 Yoga Exercises To Help You Have A Stress-Free Commute

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessings and welcome dear friends to another Monday Morning Moment of Calm. Today’s post offers you four simple yoga exercises you can do whilst travelling to work to have a stress-free and  pleasant journey  – even if your cramped and have no space to breathe! Our Moment of Calm posts are designed to encourage you to take your foot of the peddle, to pause and bring more moments of calm and tranquillity into your daily life without making huge changes to your lifestyle. Most women over 50 you know the value of rest and relaxation, yet sometimes, life gets so hectic and full, taking time to rest, slow down and be calm seems like a Cinderella fairytale.  It is easy to spend life in the fast lane, giving...
  7. Guided Meditation To Get A Calm Start To Your Day

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessings and hugs dear friends and, a warm welcome to new readers. Today’s Monday’s Moment of Calm is a short meditation you can practice when you wake up, to help you start your day on a positive and upbeat mode. As you know “getting out of bed on the wrong side” leaves you feeling edgy, irritable and at odds with the world. Thus, it is essential, before you even get out of bed; you affirm and set your intentions for a positive, productive and most important of all, peaceful day.  There will be many times during the day when things aren’t going as peaceful as you like, because of this, it is  essential you take time first thing in the morning to remind yourself just how peaceful...
  8. 10 Inspirational “Calm Quotes” To Help You Be Calm

    Article by Ntathu Allen Hugs and blessings Dear Friends and welcome to today’s Moment of Calm, a gentle space online to jog your memory to schedule time in your diary to breathe and  weave more moments of calm into your busy day. Today’s post is a collection of 10 inspirational Calm Quotes. selected to elevate your spirit and calm and quiet your mind, which gives you an instant energy boost and sense of renewal inside. 10 Inspirational “Calm Quotes” For Calm And Stress Relief Sometimes life is just too demanding and finding the time, space and motivation to rest and relax seems a luxury. Reading an inspirational quote always shifts your energy and helps to quieten your mind and brings relief whenever you are going through a troubling time. Here’s 10 “Calm...
  9. 7 “Energy Boosting” Tips To Brighten Your Day

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessings of peace and light dear friends and welcome to another Monday Moment of Calm offered to you from fabafterfifty. Today’s post offers you 7 “Energy Boosting” Tips  you can use to instantly brighten your day, especially when you feel tired, stressed and zapped. They will boost your energy and help you regain a sense of calm and inner peace, even in the midst of your hectic day. Take your time and enjoy weaving these tips into your day! Energy Boosting Tip #1 Sip water throughout your day A simple way to hydrate and energise your body from the morning, is to start the day with a warm cup of water mixed with the juice of half a fresh lemon instead of your usual coffee or cup of...
  10. 3 Simple Chair Yoga Poses To Help You Relax And Unwind After A Busy Day – And Have A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

    Article by Ntathu Allen Bless you Gentle Reader and welcome to another new week and Monday’s Moment of Calm. In today’s post, we offer you three simple relax and unwind Chair Yoga  poses you can slip into your evening routine to help you relieve stress and “switch off”  after a busy day, because this helps to clear your mind and get you get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK and traditionally marks the end of the care-free summer as families start to prepare for the new academic term ahead. It’s a time of change and with change often comes confusion and anxiety as you strive to retain harmony and balance whilst acknowledging the spontaneity of the moment.  In the busyness of the day,...
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