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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Moment Of Calm: Frazzled and Overwhelmed? An Easy Breathing Meditation For Inner Peace And Calm

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessings and hugs dear radiant friends…welcome to another Fab after Fifty Moment of Calm. A quiet space online to sow seeds of love, peace and calm within your heart. When you are feeling blue and don’t know what to do, rather than waste time spinning your wheels and chasing the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, practice this simple yoga breathing exercise. Within seconds your thoughts will slow down and you regain your ability to work from a place of love and calm rather than a space of fear, frustration and anxiety Breathe Meditation Sit in a comfortable position and give yourself permission to relax and unwind for 2 -10 minutes. Turn your attention to your breath and listen to the sound and movement of your every day breath flowing softly...
  2. Monday’s Moment of Calm – A Poem – Overcoming Heartache

    Article by Ntathu Allen Every day I allow myself space to breathe, stretch and nurture my soul Bless you Gentle Reader and how are you today?  Thank you for taking the time to pop over and visit Fab after Fifty’s weekly Monday Moment Of Calm. A quiet space online where you can, in the business of your day, breathe, reconnect with your inner heart song and remember how beautiful and majestic you are. Today’s Moment of Calm, Overcoming Heartache, is slightly in a different vibe in that I’m sharing part of my process and journey into allowing more moments of calm into my life.. Overcoming Heartache is a poem I wrote and would like to share with you to encourage you—and therefore myself- to shine, stand strong in your power and be...
  3. Guided Candle Meditation to Help You Unwind And Sleep Well

    Article by Ntathu Allen This week’s Monday Moment Of Calm will help those who find it difficult to unwind and sleep well. my life flows with grace and ease Good morning dear Friends and a warm and hearty greeting to you, your family and friends. As you settle down to read today’s Monday Morning Moment of Calm may your heart be filled with the graciousness of all that is good and bountiful in the world. If you have trouble unwinding at night time  and your mind on constant overdrive, this simple Candle Meditation will help your brain to slow down and ease you into a restful night’s sleep. You’ll need A lighted candle A warm blanket A timer, set to 5-15 minutes 5-15 minutes quiet alone time Candle Meditation Sit in a comfortable position on a cushion on the floor...
  4. Monday Morning Moment of Calm — Just Be

    Article by Ntathu Allen For every cup and spoonful, may I be eternally grateful Bless you Dear Reader and welcome to today’s Monday Morning Moment of Calm. A tranquil space provided by Fab after Fifty to encourage you to schedule 2-5 minutes into your diary to practice the simple “time –out” meditations and inspirations on offer, all designed to  boost your energy and keep you in the flow and your mind focused on positive thoughts. in the flow and happy. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to lose sight of your hopes, dreams and aspirations as the daily grind of life wears you down. Much as you understand the benefits of meditation and Me-Time, sometimes you are so time-pressed and stressed it is a struggle to...
  5. A Moment Of Calm – Poem – In Honour Of Our Girlfriends

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessed selves, and welcome to another Monday; another chance to pause, reconnect and find the magic within. Your weekly Moment of Calm is here for you, to take a few minutes out of your busy day to appreciate your beauty. Today’s Moment of Calm is an inspirational poem, Sistah-Friend, for you to share with your girlfriends. I know from my personal experience that my girlfriends, or sistah-friends as I call my extra close women? Or woman??Friends, have stood the test of time. In today’s Moment of Calm, I invite you to take a moment to pause, reflect on all the fun and in some cases not so fun times you have shared with your female friends and relations. As I write, I am instantly transported back in...
  6. Anxious and Tired? Focus On Inner Stillness Meditation

    Article by Ntathu Allen Welcome and blessings dear reader to another Monday Morning Moment Of Calm. A quiet space set aside to support and encourage you to breathe and start your week with a burst of Zen-like energy and creativity. Every day I arise and give my soul space to breathe Everyone goes through a hard patch in life, which affects your ability to breathe and see the brighter side of life. If you feel your energy slipping and you are not sure what to do here is an Inner Stillness Meditation you can practice to help you regain your calm Focus on Inner Stillness In the midst of chaos and disorganisation there is stillness and calm. To find this place within yourself, sit in a comfortable position with a straight back, close...
  7. I honour the Goddess within

    Article by Ntathu Allen. Bless you Gentle Reader and welcome to your Monday Morning Moment Of Calm. “I honour the Goddess within” Your Monday Morning Moment of Calm is a gift from us to you. A chance for you to pause, tune in, breathe out and gracefully ease and prepare yourself for another week at work. Each week will be different, and we welcome your thoughts and comments. In today’s post, we offer you a simple prayer. A few sacred words you can say softly to yourself during your day to remind you of your greatness, your power and ability to transcend all obstacles on your spiritual path to inner beauty. Before you read the poem, “I am a Goddess” take a moment to lower your shoulders, sit up straight, relax your...
  8. How to start the day with 2 minutes of calm meditation

    Article by Ntathu Allen Blessings Gentle Reader , welcome to your Monday Morning Moment  Of Calm. “Every day I take time to rest, shine and connect with my soul” Moment of Calm is your weekly reminder from FabafterFifty to remind you to breathe, slow down and take a gentler, softer approach to life.  Remember you are a divine being. Being calm, balanced and poise is your birthright. In today’ s Moment Of Calm we offer you a two minute meditation you can do, right now, to instantly tap into that calm quiet space inside. It is ideal to do first thing in the morning before you engage in your daily activities. This mini Moment Of Calm meditation is also excellent to practice...
  9. Introducing Ntathu’s Monday Morning Moments of Calm

    Article by Ntathu Allen Bless you Gentle Reader and Welcome to your first Monday Morning Moments of Calm. I’m so glad you are here, taking time out of your busy schedule to read what’s on offer. Hi, I’m Ntathu Allen I was delighted and honoured when  Ceri asked me to join FabafterFity as your Inner Well Being/Meditation Expert. Not sure if I would call myself an “expert” yet I’m thrilled –and nervous—to be here. A Bit About Ntathu – Who Am I? For as long as I can remember writing has formed a core of my personal journey . Through a series of unhappy “life situations” including the untimely early deaths of my dear brother John  (1997) and close cousin Sherry (1995) I found meditation. Like you, I’ve had my fair share of...
  10. Superwoman – How to Avoid Burning The Christmas Dinner-Give Yourself A Massage

    Guest Article By Ntathu Allen Its Christmas Day and you are stressed. You have been up since morning preparing lunch and your guests are due to arrive any minute now; and to cap it all you still have to finish making the bread sauce and add the finishing touches to the dining table. Why is it that the one day of the year when you are supposed to be relaxed, jolly and merry  you always end up, in  a sweat basting the  turkey and vowing..Next year it will be different, next year you will be organised…no, better still next year you will demand to be whisked away to somewhere exotic and spend Christmas waited on in a sunny lagoon…now that sounds bliss… But for now, you are stressed, anxious and tried. How can you look radiant, glowing and...
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