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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. What if they don’t love me anymore if I reclaim my Passion?

    Article by Sharon Eden – the Passion Whisperer You were not born without Passion.  For Passion is your very essential life energy; the juice in your tank, the dynamo in your engine. It’s your Passion which made you cry as a baby… Pay attention!  I’m cold, I’m hot, I’m hungry, I’m wet, I’m in pain, I need attention to know I exist.  Then, later, it’s your Passion which fuels your curiosity, your organic experimentation with sitting, walking, talking, running, learning…. But what if you get messages that it’s not OK to express your Passion.  There’s a joke in my family that I spent the first 18 months of my life crying.  There’s even a photo of me standing in my cot, hands clenched around bars, obviously distraught.  I wonder what...
  2. 7 top tips to reconnect with your Passion

    Article by Sharon Eden- The Passion Whisperer These tips are for most everyone, whatever is going on in your life, whatever your mood, from OK to everyday moody blues to deep depression… Except if you suffer from manic depression or bipolar disorder.  In which case, avoid these tips like the plague! Anything which might trigger mania is best left well alone. For the rest of us, these 7 tips to reconnect with your Passion work like magic… 7 tips to reconnect with your passion With both feet together, jump up and down like a pogo stick vigorously and speedily.  That should be enough to get those ole feel good factor chemicals racing through your  veins and, hey presto, to feel Passion in your body. Remember a time when you felt...
  3. Do I have to know my purpose to live with Passion?

    Article by Sharon Eden the Passion Whisperer Many blogs, articles and even books tell you discovering your purpose here on earth is essential to you living a fulfilling and creative life.  Absolute balderdash! Whether you know it or not you’re already expressing your purpose even if you don’t know it.  Could be through your profession or business.  Could be through your personal life, in relationships, through a hobby, or through the way you present yourself to the world. Yes, it helps to get conscious about what you’re doing.  Doesn’t it always??? Look at all the roles you fill in life So, if you want to know what your purpose is look at all the roles you fill in life… organiser, comedienne (I just refuse to use the masculine term which is...
  4. Three reasons to live a passionate life

    Article by Sharon Eden- the Passion Whisperer Reason 1 – You’re a long time dead! When I was a child my grandmother was an old woman at 44 let alone 50.  And you can still find women of 50 with what I call ‘the perm and floral dress syndrome’ convinced it’s now all downhill to the graveyard. When I get clients with this syndrome, I tell them that the 90s are the new 70s, the 80s the new 60s, the 60s the new 40s and the 50s the new 30s.  So why kill yourself off when you’re still a spring chicken? Connect with your Passion.  Feel its vibrancy pulsing through your veins and live life out loud! Reason 2 – Passion is...
  5. Passion or passion?

    Article by Sharon Eden, the Passion Whisperer I bet that when you think of passion, certain associations come into your mind.  Like sex, being angry, ‘mad’, and/or going off the rails.  That’s because Passion and passion have both traditionally got bad press.  Ok… end of confusion! Passion with a big P refers to your essential life energy geyser, the creative life force in you from which everything flows… including your emotions.  Most importantly, it motivates you to be creative in your life.  Anything from baking cakes to rearing children, from writing an essay to works of art, from finding more efficient ways of doing your work to develop yourself as a fab-after-fifty-woman… and an infinite number of things in between! Passion with a small p refers to those things you love to...
  6. Without Passion you have nothing!

    Introducing Sharon Eden – the Passion Whisperer As Donald Trump once said, “Without Passion you have no energy.  Without energy you have nothing.” So, think about your own life and remember a time when you were feeling down and lifeless.  I bet you felt you couldn’t be bothered and certainly were not up for adventures and who-knows-what-you-might-discover.  Just see yourself in that time in your life…. and if you had a colour to symbolise that time, what colour comes to mind? Now, with a swift wriggle of your body, or a clap of your hands, get rid of those glooopy feelings because it’s time to change the scene. Remember a time in your life when you were enthusiastic Now remember a time in your life when you felt enthusiastic, on...
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