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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Product Review Rodial Glamtox Neck Mask for anti-ageing skincare

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon Necks can be one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing. I recently met a plastic surgeon who mentioned that he was surprised at how many women spent a fortune on face creams yet neglected their necks. Perhaps these Glamtox neck masks are the answer for mature skins!   You peel the mask off its plastic backing and apply to the neck. It is very soothing and hydrating. Leaving on foe 20 to 30 minutes you peel off and gently massage the residue into the skin – although in my case my skin had quite literally absorbed all of the product. You can feel a tightening effect as soon as it is applied. What are the active ingredients? Active ingredients include amino acids and wheat protein. Does it...
  2. Product Review Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask for anti-ageing skincare

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon   The Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask promises to ‘freeze and smooth’. But does it work?   It’s a little odd applying a jet black face mask , but as soon as you apply it to the face you can feel its tightening effect on the skin. The gel like consistency makes it a little fiddly to apply evenly and it is recommended that you leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the 15 minutes is up you peel it off. So far I have not mastered the art of peeling it off in one go! The mask has a fast acting peptide which has a freeze like effect on face. The liquorice and amino acids help to brighten the skin. The results After just one application...
  3. Review of Tria Age Defying Laser – Can it Combat the Signs of Ageing Skin Part 1

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon How can the Tria Age Defying Laser combat the signs of ageing? Enlarged pores. loss of volume. sagging skin, pigmentation, wrinkles – we will all experience some or all of these as we age. Of course if we have the budget and determination we can look at surgical and non-surgical procedures if we so choose, but personally I like to look at treatments that can be done and maintained at home. Tria Age Defying Laser (fractional non-ablative laser) is just one of a number of devices taking advantage of technology developed for aesthetic practitioners which has now been developed for home use. The Tria Age Defying Laser is said to improve texture, tone and clarity of skin. The laser treats the...
  4. Video Review Benefit Cosmetics – Best Products in the range for mature women

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon   Whenever I go to buy make up, I tend to go straight to the large department store and replace whatever I’m running out of with the exact same product – so sometimes it’s good to try a few products from a range that normally escapes your radar. I have always really liked the packaging for Benefit Cosmetics, but always thought of their products of being more suited to a younger clientelr – but not any more. I found a few of their products are terrific for women over 50. My particular favourites being the Porefressional Primer – which REALLY helped minimise pores , the Fine One to One blusher stick and the Gimme Brow eyebrow enhancer. I have put together a video review. Hope you enjoy it!   Products featured:   Benefit Porefressional Primer Benefit Gimme Brow Benefit Fine One to One Blusher Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer Benefit Oxygen...
  5. Review: Time Bomb Black Ops Dark Circle Rescue

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon For various reasons I have struggled to sleep for more than a couple of hours a night lately – and as a result I have industrial strength black circles and have been resembling a human panda. But would Time Bomb Black Ops Dark Circle Rescue  actually help? Time Bomb Black Ops Dark Circle Rescue is described as ‘ it is a treatment clinically proven to reduce eye area darkness with regular use. It does contain skin-boosting Omega 3 fatty acids and light diffusing particles that make eyes look instantly brighter, wider and refreshed.’ Does it work? IN A 28-DAY CLINICALLY-BASED CONSUMER TRIAL: • 84% saw improvement in skin texture under and around eyes • 72% saw improvement in the darkness in the corner of their eyes...
  6. Product Review: Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon Thinning brows can be a problem for women over 50, especially as many of us were encouraged to pluck, pluck , pluck when we were younger resulting in very sparse brows now. If, like me, you’re not a fan of the ‘painted on ‘ brow look, then I think this Silk Powder Brow Enhancer could be the solution. It acts as instant brush on brow extensions, helping to lengthen, thicken and fill in brows. This is different from using eyebrow pencils as it sculpts the eyebrow by attaching hundreds of tiny fibres to the brows, giving a natural looking brow. One word f caution -it is very powdery so best done in the bathroom – avoid using any cream bedroom carpet which is a mistake I made! It stays in place all day (the literature says 12...
  7. Can technology help in the fight against wrinkles and anti-ageing?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon There are a host of salon based treatments promising to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles and sagging and brighten our smiles – but can home based gadgets also help delay the impact of age and gravity? Here are just a few that I will be trying over the coming weeks and months. At the moment my bathroom and dressing table are resembling something out of Star Trek! I will be sharing my thoughts in a series of video reviews, but thought I would share the options with you as I get started – of course I would love your comments if you have tried any for yourself. CACI Microlift A...
  8. Product review: The Lift mini-lifting system for facial contours

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon   A beauty routine that claims to ‘lift’ facial contours temporarily sounds like a fabulous idea. I first used ‘The Lift’ several years ago and was impressed by the temporary ‘lift’ it delivered, but I found all the jars and measuring the various ingredients at that time too complicated and messy! I was pleased to discover that it has now been simplified, with the 3 key products now coming in pre-measured sachets. Far more convenient! What’s involved? The Lift system comes with sachets of Liquid Booster, Mask Powder and Finishing Creme. You mix one sachet of Liquid Booster with one sachet of Mask Powder and paint on your face and throat with the brush included in the system as per the instructions provided. Then you leave for 20-30 minutes –...
  9. Review of LightStim for Wrinkles Handheld LED Light Device for the Face Part One

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon I receive a lot of requests for home based anti-ageing skincare treatments. I’m looking to see how technology can improve skin tone for a more youthful appearance as an alternative to botox and fillers. I have to confess to being a bit of a gadget junkie when it comes to skincare. The LightStim for Wrinkles is a handheld device that uses LED light therapy to energize cells and stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity of the skin. I’m a little wary of any light based gadgets but I find the fact that LightStim is FDA approved reassuring. Over an 8 week period using LightStim for minutes a day you should see significant improvement to skin tone. How LightStim for wrinkles works   This video explains how LightStim works , and is...
  10. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Makeup Review – with video

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon It’s easy to get into the habit of always buying the same makeup brands – but sometimes it’s good to try something a little different – and personally I like to try new products from the smaller brands – in my mind they do fewer products really well, and as they have less to spend on marketing the quality of the product has to speak for itself. I have written previously about the admiration I have for Joan Collins setting up her own make -up line as she reaches her 80s, and the energy and commitment she demonstrated in launching it would put most women half her age to shame. But what about the products? Well I haven’t tried them all, but I have tried a selection of lipsticks – and the under-eye concealer. Video Review of Joan Collins MakeUp ...
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