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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Can you bear to look? Too much chocolate playing havoc with your waistline?

    Article by Anne Elliott. So how much chocolate did you end up consuming? Me too! In fact the week after Easter was even more dangerous than the week before. Suddenly chocolate sponge cake with lashings of butter icing and topped with mini eggs was being sold off at £1 a time. Easter eggs 60p each, sugar frenzy. I’ve actually eaten so much that I couldn’t face another sweet thing. I can hear my body screaming for savoury and vitamins. I haven’t been listening to it over the last fortnight to my cost. My guts are bloated, I’m sluggish, my clothes are tight and I’ve got used to eating so much that I feel hungry every 60 minutes. The worst of it is I caught...
  2. Could your thyroid be responsible for fatigue during and post menopause?

    Article by Dr  Eva Cwynar When I was asked if I would like to review ‘The Fatigue Solution’ by Dr Eva Cwynar,  I immediately said yes, as fatigue is an issue that many readers have expressed . I would be the first to put up my hand to say that I start most days feeling absolutely exhausted- and rarely 100%, so any book offering constructive advice and exploring the reasons as to why many women suffer from fatigue in midlife was a must for my reading list.  I would highly recommend this book, and have been given permission from the publisher to  share an abridged  extract covering the impact the thryoid has during the menopause, it may well strike a chord! Check Your...
  3. 9 Steps to Self Massage for a Good Night’s Sleep

    Guest Article by Ntathu Allen Following on from her tips on yoga at work– Ntathu helps us all achieve a good night’s sleep! To get a good night’s sleep, it is essential you unwind and calm your thoughts before you sleep. Just before you go to bed, take a few minutes to gift yourself this simple 9 Step Self Massage.   1. Give yourself a hand and finger massage. Gently massage your fingers and thumbs.  Be very present and really enjoy the feeling of touching your hands. If you have a favourite hand cream or even warm olive...
  4. Do Men Understand the Menopause? Interview with Sue Brayne

    Article by Fabafterfifty Do the men in our lives know enough about what we experience when going through the menopause?  I caught up with Sue Brayne, author of  ‘Sex, Meaning and the Menopause, a Book for Men and Women’. A book which looks at the menopause from both a male and female perspective, and the impact it can have on relationships. The motivation behind the book helping men understand the menopause Sue Brayne was sitting at dinner with her 50something friends  with the husbands bemoaning the fact that they had been totally unprepared for the changes experienced by their wives as they went through the menopause.  Sue decided it was something to explore. “ They all complained that there was a lack of understanding of menopause from a...
  5. Menopause – outside the box

    Article by Suzanne Edgington The MENOPAUSE. Lets not get stressed out about it!  The menopause is a normal transition and process that the female body must go through. Lets just look at some of the alternative ways to make that transition easier and more comfortable and even get a few little extra benefits along the way. Aromatherapy, Massage, Flower Essences, and Acupuncture. Just a few of the array of alternative and complementary therapies out there that can help with the symptoms of the menopause like the hot flushes, depression, excessively heavy periods, irregular periods, insomnia and aching muscles, to name some of the most common. Aromatherapy for the menopause                                               Every women’s experience of the menopause is slightly different and aromatherapy can take this into account by using essential oils that are tailored to suit your individual needs....
  6. to HRT or not HRT – treating menopause symptoms

    Article by Ellen Sarver Dolgen A big decision that many women face during menopause revolves around the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). To HRT or not to HRT, that is the question. When you go through perimenopause and menopause (or PM&M for short), your body begins to produce different (usually lower) amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and/or testosterone hormones. These fluctuations often result in the symptoms that many women in PM&M (perimenopause and menopause) experience. HRT is intended to supplement or moderate these fluctuations and ultimately provide an umbrella for women caught in the PM&M (perimenopause and menopause) storm. Not all HRT options are created equal But not all hormone therapy options are created equal. An important distinction that needs to be made is whether a hormone therapy supplement is bioidentical or...
  7. Tips for a good night’s sleep when going through the menopause

    Article by Staness Jonekos How do you get a good night’s sleep when going through the Menopause? We asked Staness Jonekos , co-author of  The Menopause Makeover what she would recommend to women experiencing sleep difficulties Sleepness nights provoked by fluctuating hormones We have all had sleepless nights, but for millions of post-menopausal women it happens 61 percent of the time, affecting their quality of life and their relationships thanks to irritating night sweats provoked by fluctuating hormones. Empty nest syndrome, caring for aging parents, relationship changes, career adjustments and mid-life stress, bundled together with hormones in flux is a recipe for sleepless nights. Progesterone is our sleep-promoting hormone, so a decrease in this hormone contributes to a night of tossing and turning. Declining estrogen can make you more susceptible to stress, fueling this...
  8. When Menopause and Puberty Collide!

    Article by Ellen Sarver Dolgen Now, more than ever, so many households are experiencing puberty and perimenopause and menopause (I call it PM&M for short) at the same time. Why? In 1980, the average age of a first time mother was 23. In 2010 that number jumped to almost 27 (26.8).  This matches up a 14 year old child with a 41 year old mother. So what happens when you mix adolescent hormones and menopausal hormones in the same house?  Hormone combustion! When adolescent hormones and menopausal hormones come together These days, households with both teens and moms entering perimenopause and menopause (PM&M) can reach an atmosphere of playoff intensity and become a place of hate and not love.  That’s not a beneficial situation for anyone! I’ve heard so many stories that absolutely break my heart. From children going...
  9. Review of The Menopause Makeover by Staness Jonekos

    Article by Fabafterfifty The Menopause Makeover is described as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Health and Beauty During Menopause’  I have met or spoken to many inspirational and supportive women over the past few months, all incredibly encouraging regarding Fabafterfifty. One of these women is Staness, who herself has reinvented herself and shared her experience and programme in her new book ‘Menopause Makeover’. Now 52, Staness faced a wake-up call at the time of her wedding at the age of 47- her own story (and before and after photographs) are incredibly motivating, although to be honest I don’t think I EVER looked that good in a bikini! Blindsided by the onset of menopause At 47,...
  10. When Hormones Change your Shape

    Article by Dr Ravi Jain The menopause and the associated symptoms varies enormously from woman to woman – however, most women find that the change in hormones also means a change in shape.      The waist can vanish as fatty deposits settle around the middle.  That pert derriere suddenly descends to a lower level and seems to have attracted a softer, flabbier consistency.  Trousers that used to fit perfectly around the thighs now strain the seams.Dedicated dieting doesn’t seem to be having much effect – except perhaps that the bits that haven’t attracted excess ‘flab’ have become scrawnier looking!  Is that it?  Are you destined lose your elegant silhouette and you just have to put up with it? Fortunately, the answer is ‘no way’ – there’s plenty that you can do. It takes a little...
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