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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Do I have to know my purpose to live with Passion?

    Article by Sharon Eden the Passion Whisperer Many blogs, articles and even books tell you discovering your purpose here on earth is essential to you living a fulfilling and creative life.  Absolute balderdash! Whether you know it or not you’re already expressing your purpose even if you don’t know it.  Could be through your profession or business.  Could be through your personal life, in relationships, through a hobby, or through the way you present yourself to the world. Yes, it helps to get conscious about what you’re doing.  Doesn’t it always??? Look at all the roles you fill in life So, if you want to know what your purpose is look at all the roles you fill in life… organiser, comedienne (I just refuse to use the masculine term which is...
  2. How laughter yoga can be good for your health

    Article by Caroline Carr Laughter Yoga. One cold, wet, grey morning last summer I woke up and thought: “You know what – everyone needs a little bit of sunshine in their lives.” This was a massive turning point, as I decided to rebrand from Help! My Partner is Depressed to Let the sunshine in! and somehow in amongst all that this involved, I  stumbled across Laughter Yoga on the internet. “Really?” I thought, “Laughter YOGA? How on earth does that work?” I soon found out when I decided to become a teacher of it. Laughter Yoga is wonderful. It’s hilariously wacky, has great health benefits, and the yoga refers to the deep breathing that is an integral part of it, so there are no yoga postures as such....
  3. The Fab 50s – Managing the new Chapter of your Life

    Article by Carole Spiers Being over 50 can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life; a time of growth and a period of regeneration. Middle age may be upon you but you have the experience and possibly the lines on your face that go with it!  Of course, you might wish that they weren’t there but that is another story!  However, they are there and each one tells the tale of your life’s experience. The post 50’s chapter brings not only experience but also brings you greater influence.  This is a time when reality starts biting and the dreams that you had when you were younger may now be drifting away into the mists of early romantic visions.  Having now faced the hard realities of life and the work required...
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey

    By eHarmony There comes a time in every man’s life when he must acknowledge his increasing years and alter his lifestyle. For some situations the correct course of action is clear – no man over the age of 30 should wear skinny jeans; a baby seat won’t fit into a two-seater sports car; and that third pint on Friday night will still be having an effect three days later. However, men are often in a quandary when the first flecks of grey start to show. Do they embrace their faded follicles or restore their locks with hair dye? This common dilemma can strike at any moment. All it takes is a careless remark by a close friend and suddenly each morning is spent counting those pesky silver strands. Wanting to...
  5. My Thousand Dollar Face

    By Jan Hickman Last week, I was “treated” to more than $1500 worth of beauty products on my face (didn’t get to keep them – just try them out).  They are supposed to change Life As I Know It.  I eagerly await the transformation. This all started out so innocently.  A few weeks ago I strolled up to a cosmetics counter in my local department store to buy a lipstick.  That’s it.  A pink product in a little tube. The Brand Representative (no such thing as a simple clerk, anymore) was enthused over the fact that as the highlight of an upcoming beauty event, SIX NATIONAL COSMETIC ARTISTS  from her brand were flying in to do free makeup sessions in the store.  She noted (looking at me critically – I...
  6. 6 Online Dating Tips For Mature Daters

    Article by Liz Looking for love at any age isn’t always easy, but it can be especially daunting when you’re fifty or over.  You might not know where to start or how to meet people you’ll click with. This is particularly true when it comes to online dating, but don’t be quick to discard the idea of searching for love on the internet. It’s safe to say that by now you probably know someone who has found the love of their life online, so why shouldn’t it work for you too?  Here are some online dating tips for mature daters to get you started. 1. Choose your online dating site wisely. There are hundreds of online dating sites on the internet, but it’s important to sign-up with one you feel...
  7. Denise Welch shares her tips for being stylish over 50 when starting over

    Interview with Denise Welch How do you bring your style up to date when starting over in your 50s? Denise Welch shares her style inspiration. Denise Welch hasn’t been a stranger to headlines of late. The 54-year-old actress and presenter has had what she herself professes “an eventful year”, and with new book ‘Starting Over’ lifting the lid on recent events for the star, it’s no surprise to find that Welch is looking for a bit more normality for the remainder of 2012. But to learn that such normality starts with a pair of pyjamas? This we must hear more about. “After everything that has happened recently, it’s nice to get back to basics, and I’m always aware that I’ve returned to normality when I...
  8. Getting on with the in-laws! Lulu offers her tips on becoming a mother-in-law

    Article by Lulu. While every newly married couple is warned about nightmare mother-in-laws (we’ve all heard the jokes), something that is not mentioned is the sudden change in the balance of the family as a whole when one of your children gets married.  As well as gaining a daughter or son, you are gaining a whole other family who will become part of yours for ever.  Their advice will be just as important as yours and their role just as key.  You will all attend the same ‘big’ events.  You will love and care about the same people.  And if you are lucky enough, you will become co-grandparents – and both be quite sure no-one has loved this grandchild quite like you! Hoping my son’s...
  9. Are you ready to start dating again after divorce, separation or partner loss?

    Article by Teresa Welch How do you know if you are ready for dating again after relationship collapse? For some the thought of dating again fills them with dread, and for others they can’t wait to get back in the dating scene. Having suddenly become single myself after a 12 year marriage ended and with two very small children, dating was the last thing on my mind, and naively at only 34 I thought that when I was ready it would be easy. How wrong could I have been? No one tells you that your life will never be the same again. Different, but never the same. Through chance in the early day’s I did go on a couple of dates. I was going through a divorce...
  10. ARK At Home Age Aware Skincare – what are the benefits?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon. We talked to founder of ARK Age Aware Skincare, Shula Starkey, about age targetted skincare and home based business opportunities: What do women over 50 need to consider when choosing a skincare product? Once we reach 50 the function of our skin immune cells deteriorates. We need to think about repairing the skin and boosting hydration to slow down the ageing process. Choose products that do not irritate or inflame the skin and that contain antioxidants and skin-brightening ingredients. The Age Repair range has been created specifically for skin aged 50 and over. The products are aimed at boosting collagen, maximising hydration, reducing inflammation and repairing cell damage.   Can any one product be effective in combating all the signs of ageing? I don’t believe one product can combat...
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