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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. How to make new friends in your 50s? Tips on joining a social group

    Article by Gill Buchanan. For many of us who relocate or find ourselves going through life changes in our 50s, meeting new people is not always easy. I asked Gill Buchanan, founder of Hens Dancing to share her tips on how to approach attending a first ‘organised’ social event: I often get asked, ‘what is it actually like turning up at a Hens Dancing social event?’ Most women come on their own the first time and for some that’s a bit of a daunting prospect. The great thing about Hens Dancing is that all the meetings are hosted and from walking through the door you will be greeted with a warm welcome and be introduced to other members so you soon feel comfortable and...
  2. What excuses do you give when you overindulge on a spending spree?

    Article by Fabafterfifty We’ve all done it! Justified that impulse purchase, sneaked in that extra shopping bag, claimed to have had something in the wardrobe ‘for ages’! So what are the top excuses given by women feeling guilty after a shopping spree? A third of shoppers use a pre-prepared list of excuses to justify their spending to their partners – ‘It’s a bargain’, ‘I need this to cheer me up’ and ‘it was on sale’ completed the top five. Researchers found two thirds of the 2,000 women studied relied on excuses to feel better about spending money on themselves. Half of respondents confessed they even hide purchases from those closest to them in order to avoid an interrogation. The research, commissioned by money-saving website LoveFashionSales.com, found ‘I’ll get...
  3. How do you go about volunteering overseas- things you need to know

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Far from planning holidays at sunkissed resorts, sipping cocktails on the beach, there is a growing trend for women over 50 to participate in ‘voluntourism’ , combining travel with volunteering. But how do you go about volunteering, and how do you know what project is right for you? Is volunteering for you? I spoke to Kate Stefanko co-founder of www.travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk  about what to expect from a volunteer placement. “If you arrange your volunteer placement through a reputable company, who work with you to define your specific requirements – and limitations – you can specify the level of accommodation acceptable to you, the environment and the type of voluntary work suited to your own particular skills.” What are the types of skills which would lead to a...
  4. How easy is it to learn a foreign language in your 50s?

    Article by Kay Newton There are many way to learn a foreign language and even at 50+  there is no excuse if you want to learn. 2012 maybe your year to get out there and test out your new skills whether its to make your holiday a more memorable experience or to start a new life, the way you communicate with others will create those memories. At 50+ you may not be at your optimal age to learn a new skill yet today’s science tells us that your brain is constantly changing and will adapt and change depending on the skills you learn. The best way to learn something new at any age is to immerse yourself and use all your key senses; seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting...
  5. Will today be the day that you’ll break your New Year’s Resolutions?

    Article by Fabafterfifty Apparently 75% of us will abandon our New Year’s Resolutons today. The good intentions to get fit, save money and lose weight will be tested to the limit today with willpower going out of the window as most of start the first full week back at work since the festive break. Photo credit: Grant Cochrane Only a quarter of the 3,000 surveyed said they were confident they would stick to their resolutions throughout the whole of January .  Perhaps Caroline Carr’s tips for keeping resolutions could help those that are struggling! The Top...
  6. How to preserve special memories and save space

    Article by Cassie Tillett Scan (as in find) and save (as in space)… You know those photographs that we all have around the place? If they were taken earlier than the last few years, they’ll be prints – or sometimes transparencies (remember the slide projector?) or even, perhaps, all that remains is the negatives. If they are more recent, they are probably in digital format on your computer – or perhaps they are still on your camera (or mobile phone) because you haven’t got round to downloading them yet? – with the result that you almost never get to look at them, and probably can’t find them when you do want them. One of my favourite aspects of the digital age is the ease with which I can preserve memories...
  7. Mallorca’s Calendar Girls Celebrate Life After 50 and Raise Money for Cancer Support

    Article by Fabafterfifty With a little creativity and determination, midlife women are showing that that far from being invisible, they can apply their energies and make a real difference. There seems to be a revolution at the moment from women over a certain age. The last of the Boomer generation is reaching 50+ and all over the world we are hearing their voices. Even on the tiny island of Mallorca situated in the Mediterranean ocean, ladies beginning their second life are determined to stand up and be counted. Life Coach Kay Newton says “It all began just under 12 months ago when I asked Samantha Hemsley to photo our International Women’s event held at Mood Beach Club  in Mallorca she immediately volunteered. Sam caused an overnight...
  8. The Eternal Rock Chick

    Article by Linda Evans I went to a gig last night. (Brandon Flowers –the Killers’ vocalist- at the Eden Sessions, Eden Project, Cornwall.)  It’s a beautiful location, great acoustically and only holds 5,000, so you can really get up close and personal -right near the front-without worrying for your life. I’m always fascinated when I go to see a band. I fully expect to be the oldest person there and have to admit, usually spend time getting ready – trying to get myself into ‘rock-chick’ mode rather than look as I’m off to the local pub for a swift half, (not that I actually drink beer mind, but it sounds better than a Spritzer.) So it’s smoky eye makeup, hooped or dangly earrings, a draped scarf, skinny jeans and a black vest –though down in Cornwall I can...
  9. How Do we Best Look after Pets while we’re on Holiday?

    Article by Fabaferfifty Having had a cat who always seemed to sense when I was about to go on a trip and who made a point of ignoring me for at least two days on my return, any tips to make pets more comfortable as we go off to enjoy a summer break are welcome. I always took her to the same cattery where she was well looked after – I can still remember the cattery owner’s slightly bemused reaction when she asked where I was off to when leaving her there for the first time. I said ‘nowhere’. I wanted to make sure that Coco knew that when I left her for my actual break I would be coming back for her. I became one of her favourite clients and Coco one of her favourite ‘guests’. But...
  10. Do Hobbies Make you Feel Younger?

    Article by Fabafterfifty Fab after fifty is all about living life to the full and celebrating the ‘best half’. It seems that new research carried shows that age is no barrier to pursuing hobbies and passions. Research was conducted by Age UK to see if perceptions of the younger generation re  getting older accurately reflected the reality experienced by the older generation. Hopefully the findings will encourage the younger generation to have a rethink! The Positive Attitude of the Over 60s The new survey looks at attitudes to later life of people aged 18+ and has been conducted to mark the launch of a new TV advertising campaign from Age UK.  Reflecting the positive attitudes of many of those aged 60+ who describe their lifestyle as interesting (38 per cent), varied (42 per cent), fun (20 per cent) and rewarding...
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