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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. How Do we Best Look after Pets while we’re on Holiday?

    Article by Fabaferfifty Having had a cat who always seemed to sense when I was about to go on a trip and who made a point of ignoring me for at least two days on my return, any tips to make pets more comfortable as we go off to enjoy a summer break are welcome. I always took her to the same cattery where she was well looked after – I can still remember the cattery owner’s slightly bemused reaction when she asked where I was off to when leaving her there for the first time. I said ‘nowhere’. I wanted to make sure that Coco knew that when I left her for my actual break I would be coming back for her. I became one of her favourite clients and Coco one of her favourite ‘guests’. But...
  2. Do Hobbies Make you Feel Younger?

    Article by Fabafterfifty Fab after fifty is all about living life to the full and celebrating the ‘best half’. It seems that new research carried shows that age is no barrier to pursuing hobbies and passions. Research was conducted by Age UK to see if perceptions of the younger generation re  getting older accurately reflected the reality experienced by the older generation. Hopefully the findings will encourage the younger generation to have a rethink! The Positive Attitude of the Over 60s The new survey looks at attitudes to later life of people aged 18+ and has been conducted to mark the launch of a new TV advertising campaign from Age UK.  Reflecting the positive attitudes of many of those aged 60+ who describe their lifestyle as interesting (38 per cent), varied (42 per cent), fun (20 per cent) and rewarding...
  3. A New Reason to Declutter! Swap or Recycle for a Good Cause

    Article by Fabafterfifty How to declutter, swap and donate to a good cause,all in one go! Do you find it difficult to throw things away? It seems you’re not alone, with 4 out of 10 women confessing to having cupboards which are bursting at the seams. I’ll be the first to put up my hand and say that I hang on to things ’just in case’ ! So why do some of us find it so hard to part with things? The biggest reason for hanging on to unwanted items isn’t laziness, according to 95% of women. Instead, hoping that things will come in handy (53%) or not wanting to waste something still works (29%) are the real reasons our cupboards get clogged up. More than four in ten women...
  4. Its Not too Late to Learn to Play Tennis in your 50s! Wimbledon Anyone?

    Guest Article by Mike Bear   My love of tennis began when I was lucky enough to see Bjorn Borg play his first ever Wimbledon Centre Court match while on a school trip!  Every summer I am tempted to pick up that racket – despite the fact that I am definitely challenged when it comes to hitting the ball! So as tennis is so much more than Andy Murray, strawberries and Pimms, I asked LTA coach Mike Bear  to tell us how we can still turn player rather than spectator over the age of 50! How many of us look forward each year to watching Wimbledon and Queens Club tennis and think “I used to be able to do that” or “I wish I could do that” Maybe you...
  5. Susan Boyle bridges the Generation Gap and sings with Young Star

    Article by Fabafterfifty Susan Boyle Collaborates With Simon Cowell’s Youngest Artist Can music bridge the generations?  When America’s Got Talent met Britain’s Got Talent got together the result was music to cry to!  Susan Boyle’s new song with the 11 year old  Jackie Evancho who captured the hearts of America…. Global singing sensation Susan Boyle has lent her support to up and coming 11 year old Jackie Evancho who is launching her first album in the UK. After meeting Jackie backstage at the Oprah show in Chicago in October 2010, Susan was over the moon to be asked by Jackie to perform a duet and immediately agreed. The pair sing “A Mother’s Prayer” on Jackie’s UK debut album  Dream With Me...
  6. Is Twitter the new Marmite?

    Guest article from an anonymous (former) Tweeter From twitter to marmite. A former tweeter shares her twitter journey from love to hate , and why bullying meant she had  to tweet her last tweet: Yes I confess, I have been having an affair with twitter for the past three years! I didn’t need to take out a Super Injunction as my other half is also a keen Twitterer although friends have always though me a bit mad or strange so maybe I have had to keep it a bit of a guilty secret! How my affair started seems to be in todays terms Really Trendy as we clearly met on the internet! No dressing up in smart clothes or slapping on layers of makeup to impress, no nervous pre dinner...
  7. Following my dream: to be a published Novelist

    Guest article by Kay Beer I’ve written short stories for many years as I love the immediacy of a short tale. As I drove over the South Downs I recalled the day I’d hit a deer. (It was a harrowing experience.) But my story telling mind kicked in and I began to wonder what if a character had been up to no good… been with somebody they should not have been with… how would my character break the news that her car had been written off? This new short story was written and several people at writing group told me it was the opening chapter for a book! And so I took on board those comments and began to develop the idea. And my second novel grew and grew, from...
  8. Is Retirement the End of the World?

    Guest Article by Pat Cox We’ve had a great response to our 50 Small  Steps to being Fab after Fifty initiative, and Pat was keen to point out that she is definitely a believer in making changes large and small after 50! Pat shares her own personal experience of the changes she’s made since turning 50 with us. Well, no not really – my retirement was slightly premature, I could have retired at 60, but had resolved to work until I was 65. Money being the main object really. You see I finally left a horrendous marriage at the age of 54, I know I should have left earlier, but I had only just built up enough self belief to do it....
  9. How one poem bridged the decades

    Article by Sue France Sue France runs Forward Ladies networking on Merseyside and Cheshire. Sue had already been a member of Yorkshires” Forward Ladies” for 6 years when she retired in July2010. She had been working in West Yorkshire and was returning to Cheshire. When she rang Etta Cohen ,the Founder of Forward Ladies to say goodbye she ended up agreeing to bring Forward ladies to Cheshire and Merseyside and she has been enjoying the challenge ever since. Sue’s only worry in taking on the networking group was that because she herself was 62, she would not attract young women to her group.  As Forward Ladies ethos is all about empowering women in business through knowledge and friendship, this was a concern as she particularly wanted to help...
  10. Lesley’s Journey

    Article by Lesley As she approaches 60, Lesley sets herself some special goals and shares her journey with us Hi. My name is Lesley and I am 57 (and a half) years of age. I hesitate to say 57 years old – because I’m not – old that is. I am twice divorced, and the last ex left me with massive debt that I can never hope to repay. Two and a half years ago I was made redundant and as a result of that and the economic downturn I now earn half what I used to as a Finance Manager. In two and a half years time will be 60. Let me tell you what I am aiming for. I am planning to go to New York for a few days – alone if there...
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