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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Why your friends and family are sometimes the worst support during your divorce

    Article by Adele Theron Although your friends and family are an important part of your life, you may find that they’re ill equipped to support you through your loss. I found that even though my friends and family were well meaning, they didn’t know what to say to me and I often didn’t feel better around them. Before you chuck up this well-meaning lot, remember that although they’re trying hard, they’re just not equipped or trained to help you. Society has conditioned them to deal with loss in a particular way. It’s not their fault. They love you very much and they hate to see you suffering. They’ll try to take the pain away and will do whatever they can in the moment to achieve...
  2. Dating tips over 50. Planning your first date.

    Dating Tips from Mary Balfour Field tested tips on setting the scene for that first date I’m Mary Balfour and my job is to help people fall in love! It can be quite tough out there for singles seeking a soul-mate in our crazy disconnected world. A lottery with few winners – as I know from my own personal experience. Quite different to the old days when your family and community lost no time in getting you matched and hitched. For 26 years now I’ve been helping singles find the solution to this dilemma through Drawing Down the Moon, which was the UK’s first personal dating agency. Also, with my Smart Dating book, videos, coaching, seminars and my internet site – www.grownupdating.com. I’m often asked about the...
  3. A poem for midlife romantics for Valentine’s Day

    Poem by Jan Jack We recently featured Jan Jack as one of our ‘Fabwomen’. Jan has carved a new career for herself in her 50s writing poetry. Today Jan shares with us her quirky sense of humour and her Valentine’s Lament- especially for midlife romantics. Enjoy!   Be My Valentine I hope that you notice my Valentine hint, If you’re buying me chocolate, it has to be Llindt, Some flowers from the florist, some bright fragrant blooms, Not bought at the garage, all wilting with fumes. I want to eat out, and use nice plates that match, Not drive by McDonalds and whiz past the hatch, I want some nice undies, some earrings,...
  4. How to cope with Valentines’s Day if your partner is depressed.

    Article by  by Caroline Carr Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t for you. Perhaps you aren’t bothered about hearts and flowers and wine and chocolates, and romantic trips abroad and luxurious silk lingerie, and soppy messages in cards. Or maybe you love all that. Traditionally it’s a day for two people to express and celebrate their love – or at the very least to exchange tokens of affection. If you’re single, you probably feel fed up because everyone around you seems to get a card. And if your partner is no longer alive, Valentine’s Day may be a time of sadness, but also of many loving memories. Valentine’s Day can be a poignant reminder that your relationship has changed But when your partner is depressed, Valentine’s Day can be a...
  5. How can you tell if your partner is depressed?

    Article  by Caroline Carr If your partner is depressed, there might be a dramatic shift in their behaviour, especially if the depression comes on suddenly. But so often, depression can creep up – over years in many cases, and quite often, you may have absolutely no idea that your partner is depressed. If you and your partner have been together for some time, you may well overlook any changes in mood or behaviour, because you’ll have got used to each other. So you probably go along with and normalise these, or make excuses for them. You might not even notice any changes to start with, because often these can be very subtle. If you are in a relatively new relationship, you might think that any mood changes or unexpected behaviour...
  6. 27% of Divorcing Couples Give ‘Falling Out of Love’ as Reason. Tips to Keep Love Alive Midlife

    Guest article by Dr Gian Gonzaga 27% of divorcing couples cited ‘falling out of love’ as the main reason for getting a divorce. With more divorces of the over 50s being instigated by the wives than the husbands- what can the over 50s do to keep romance and love alive midlife. As children leave home, changing the dynamics of home life, becoming an emptynester can place a strain on some marriages. Dr Gian Gonzaga, Director of Research at relationship site eHarmony.co.uk gives his perspective on the subject and advises on how to make sure you keep hold of that loving feeling: Tips to keep love alive midlife Here are Dr Gian Gonzaga’s tips for staying in love midlife; 1.Celebrating your achievements together is vital to a strong and healthy relationship...
  7. How Bridget Jones ‘Wobbly Bits’ can Help You Prepare for a New Relationship

    Article by Jackie Walker After 7 years working in the field of relationships, starting with separation and divorce and now helping people navigate their relationship doldrums, rough seas or even to kick start a new relationship without fear or shame, I have created an e-programme. I’ve taken what I love most about the trainings I’ve done, the daily work I do, and translated it into everyday stories, practices and exercises.  My intention is to provide a great value product for you so that you can learn how to navigate your relationships – with yourself, your partner, family, friends and in business.  It means that this programme is a good fit with you whether you’re in a relationship or not! The basic starting point of any relationship is you.  You simply can’t have a relationship without you in it, can...
  8. How to cope if you’re over 50 and your relationship with your husband is ‘boring’

    Article by Keren Smedley The divorce rate is increasing for the 50’s and 60s and it’s the women who are instigating divorce proceedings.  Many say that their husbands are boring, they never talk, they watch a lot of TV and  fall asleep with the control in their hands! Often couples can rub along OK whilst they’re working and busy but the thought of retirement together fills them with horror. Many women with this thought in mind file for divorce whilst they’re still working and have time to arrange their retirement finances. Many have put up passively with being bored and somewhat dissatisfied with their life. They discuss it with their friends but not their husbands. If that’s the case, they undoubtedly contribute to the problem. It’s easy to become absorbed...
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