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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Janet tackles her 50s blues with a bucket list (although she doesn’t call it that)

    Article by Janet O’Kane This is me on 19th July 2008, my 50th birthday. We were holidaying in America and I’d just been handed a glass of pink champagne by my husband as I came out of the shower. Despite those happy circumstances and the smile on my face, I felt miserable. This made no sense: hitting 50 wasn’t that bad, surely? My second marriage had brought me contentment and my work as a freelance copywriter was going well. But I couldn’t shake off the realisation that my life was definitely at least half over. What did I have to show for it? And more to the point, what could I look forward to? One thing I’ve learnt in middle age: in order to stay happy, I must keep busy and...
  2. Video : Inspirational over 50 Annabel Davis – reinvented her life in retirement to become a model

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon The first in our video series of Inspirational Women who have reinvented their lives. Annabel Davis shares her reinvention over 50 story, as she talks through how she started her new career as a mature model and actress following her retirement from the police force. Annabel shares her experience of how she started and gives tips for others looking to do the same. Not once when she was working as a policewoman did Annabel think that she would be spending the day with Dustin Hoffman once she retired! Watch the video to learn more about Annabel’s reinvention story. For Annabel becoming a classic model and actress is her third career. Although on the surface her 3 careers are all very different – from airline stewardess, to...
  3. Christyne updates us on her new career as she approaches her 69th birthday

    Article by Christyne Remnant Christyne was one of the first of the ‘Fabwomen’ to be featured on Fab after Fifty. From going to Oxford University in her 60s and winning a beauty competition, she really does show that attitude is everything when it comes to living life to the full! Christyne updates us on her latest news: I am now coming up to my 69th birthday and still keeping  firmly in my mind that “Age is just a Number”. When I last caught up with you I had just started in an acting  direction and have now done several more small films to date which have  been lots of fun to do and  now have become quite good at  learning my lines, something I never thought I could do. The last film...
  4. Jane, takes up belly dancing in her 50s and transforms her health and her confidence

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon. Jane shares her experience of how taking up belly dancing in her 50s transformed her fitness, confidence and social life. Jane is from  Sawley Notts, married to Steve for 28 years, and has one daughter Luisa aged 24. Jane, centre in purple What prompted you to start belly dancing? I Wanted some form of exercise for a condition I have called spondylosis which is a form of arthritis. I’ve always loved to dance, i.e. ballet, tap. I went on holiday to Turkey and saw a belly dancing show which I loved. When I got back home I decided to join a belly dancing class in Derbys. Did you go with friends or did you make new friends from the class? I have made some wonderful...
  5. 10 Inspirational Women over 50.

    Pauline – setting up a breast cancer charity Article by Ceri Wheeldon On Fab after Fifty we love to highlight real women over 50 who have reinvented their lives and inspire others. I have been incredibly privileged to meet, either online, or in person, some incredible women for this section of the website. Just to show that women over 50 are far from invisible, and not sitting in rocking chairs, I have pulled together a list of 10 of the inspirational women we have featured so far.  If you think you, or someone you know, should be featured as a ‘Fabwoman’, please get in touch ! (email: editor@fabafterfifty.com) Meanwhile, here are 10 inspirational women changing perceptions of women over 50. ...
  6. Debi – inspirational over 50 as she transforms her life and climbs Ben Nevis for charity

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We love to profile women on Fab after Fifty who epitomise what life and living over 50 can be at this time in our lives. I caught up with Debi Ireland , who at 51 certainly knows how to inspire and live fabulously. Why did you decide to climb Ben Nevis? Every year I set myself a physical challenge and try to combine it with raising money for a children’s charity (I work as a children’s entertainer). I normally decide on the challenge in October/November, start training in January and complete the challenge in August. By setting myself an annual challenge I find it keeps me motivated. Previous challenges have included cycle rides, triathlons and climbing Scafell. I have arthritis in...
  7. A life changing experience after divorce – helping Tibetan children

    Article by Lesley Freeman After divorcing from my “childhood sweetheart” in 1994, I began to consider my future.  I had felt “empty” and “lost”, without direction for a long time. In 1998 I became a full time student, training to be a Counsellor.  Yet, I still felt empty and lost.  It was during this time I became interested in Buddhism and the Tibetan culture and began reading books about the people and the culture.  I decided I wanted to travel to India to work with Tibetan refugee children.  After making enquiries through an e-mail on volunteering that I found at the back of one of these books, I found a post as a secretary teacher in a Vocational Training Centre in Northern India, applied and...
  8. Is there ever an age to stop following your dreams? Jane’s story….

    Article by FabafterFifty Jane Lambert dreamed of living in France and finding a French lover, but she’d never been to France before, couldn’t speak French, had no money and was confined to a wheelchair. She was sixty-four years old. Disabled through polio that struck when she was pregnant with her fifth child, Jane Lambert had already survived the traumas of a runaway husband, losing her five children to the care system and ten years in hospital and rehab centres before her French dream took hold. When she retired from teaching Jane was determined to follow her dream. Encouraged by a clairvoyant who told her she might one day inherit some money, Jane searched for (and found) a will listing her as one of the beneficiaries. She found a house...
  9. An Introduction to Alison Cork, her inspiration and her work with PRIME

    Article by Fabafterfifty Passionate about home. Alison Cork has spent her life immersed in the art of home – how it should look, feel, why it is important and most of all, how to create beautiful interiors at an affordable price. From an early age, a creative future beckoned. “I do quite clearly remember my grandmother walking me round her home in Germany and describing all the interesting ornaments and pictures. She also had a glorious fabric cupboard, with double doors, which opened to reveal an Aladdin’s cave of texture and colour and seemingly endless bolts of fabric. It all made a profound impression upon me, and from that moment on, I was enchanted by beautiful things”. Inspired by her creative family, who count amongst themselves painters and singers, Alison went on to study Classics at Cambridge University and graduated in the...
  10. Judy Mansfield on reinventing her life over 50 and becoming a Dementia Champion!

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Judy’s first major reinvention came in her early 40s when she left the safety of her job in the Civil Service to and live with her husband in a cottage in France. Taking a sabbatical ( to recover from a period of ill health)  it had been her intention to return to her job 2 years later, but it only took her a couple of months to realise that going back was not for her.  When a chance meeting with a local businessman led to a request to translate his website, Judy soon found herself happily busy.  While attending a conference, Judy then met the CEO of a Foreign Exchange company who just happened to be looking for someone to expand their operation in...
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