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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Going to University in your 50s: Angela shares her story

    Article by Angela Atkinson Life after compulsory retirement ‘Oh my God, I’m fifty-three and it’s tough out there now. What on earth am I going to do?’ That refrain went round in my head on an endless loop following the news that, after sixteen years or so in my place of work I was being forced out. Compulsory early retirement. It sounds horrible – and it was. I was devastated and totally terrified. The future was a bleak blank canvas stretching endlessly out before me. But then came salvation in the form of my wonderful daughter: ‘Mother’. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you apply to go to university? You’ve always wanted to do a degree in English’ – this was true – ‘you can get a loan and...
  2. Kasha Grimes on winning Mrs UK Globe Classic 2015 at the age of 53

    Article by Fab after Fifty Let’s welcome back Kasha Grimes, business entrepreneur and recently crowned Mrs UK Globe Classic 2015. We chatted to Kasha back in March this year and fell in love with her zest for life and desire to get us 50-plus ladies firmly on the global (pardon the pun) map. This is what Kasha had to say: I was extremely honoured to be approached back in March by Fab after Fifty to share the chronicles of my life with other like-minded ladies who are looking forward to living life to the full in the next half of the century. It certainly has been a busy time, carrying out all my commitments at work and home, as well as fulfilling my continued passion for pageantry. For those ladies who did not see my previous...
  3. Midlife Reinvention: I Launched My Own Textile Range After an Accident Forced Me to Give Up My Career

    Article by Lisa Todd It’s always to get inspiration from others who have reinvented their lives and careers midlife. Lisa shares her own midlife reinvention story when an accident forced her to change her life. This Spring Lisa Todd launched her new floral textiles collection Boho Naïve, from Lisa Todd Designs at www.lisatodddesigns.com. This is the culmination of a journey that has been both physically and mentally challenging. After suffering a devastating life changing accident in 2003, I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia, a rare disease that affects just 18 000 people in the UK. This is a debilitating painful neuromuscular condition and its effects meant that I had to give up my lovely, sociable and active profession as an interior designer, and had to completely rethink my life life as I knew it. I...
  4. Kasha on life and confidence over 50: Entering a Beauty Pageant at 53

    Article by Kasha Grimes Kasha Grimes shares her tips to look fab over 50 and her philosophy on life over 50. Kasha shares how she has always worked hard to achieve her goals in life – and the confidence she has gained in entering her first Beauty Pageant at the age of 53! I firmly believe that if you look good you feel good so I take real great care of my appearance. I have a daily beauty regime which I follow religiously. I exfoliate, moisturize and never go out without a SPF factor. My nails are manicured and my hair is always washed, conditioned and shiny. I love wearing make up but equally I have the confidence to step outside my front door “all natural”. I do not smoke, drink or sunbathe as...
  5. Tricia Cusden, setting up Look Fabulous Forever MakeUp for Older Women in her 60s

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon I love to interview inspirational women over 50. I had the opportunity to meet Tricia Cusden, founder of Look Fabulous Forever makeup. Tricia founded her makeup brand in her 60s, when she realised that there must be many older women, like her, who were finding it difficult to find makeup that suited mature women. In our video interview Tricia shares the story behind her makeup business, the challenges and highs and lows of setting up her business. In our interview I ask: What prompted you to start a makeup range for older women? What were you doing previously? Which of your skills – or previous experience were you best able to use in your new venture? What have been the greatest challenges? What surprises...
  6. Going Gypsy: a video interview with Emptynesters and Gypsynesters David and Veronica James

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon I love to share stories of people who inspire. I first connected with David and Veronica James about 5 years ago when they had started on their adventure after their kids leave home. As they launch their first book talking about their travels and new life, I caught up with the Gypsynesters in a video interview. They are great fun and I hope you enjoy my vdeo interview as they share their highs and lows, and Veronica shares her story from being a helicopter mum to jumping out of a plane in Australia.   These are the questions I put to the Gypsynesters about their fabulous midlife adventure. Most people become emptynesters when the kids leave home – but you left home too. How did that come about? What was it like having ‘no nest’ at all? How did your kids react to you leaving home? What was...
  7. The power of a persuasive Pomeranian puppy…

    Article by Jennifer Thwaite Jennifer Thwaite, co-author of the successful Mr Hendrix…and Friends series of pre-school picture books explains how she took a leap of faith and went into business with her daughter to make their dreams come true. So I did it. At an age when I should be planning my retirement, finding new hobbies and generally slowing down, I find myself in a whirlwind of my own making. I entered my 50s with an unfinished dream As I went into my 50s, I realised I had an unfinished dream and set about making that dream a reality. I became a children’s author. The catalyst for this monumental decision was a tiny scrap of mischief in the shape of a Pomeranian puppy, brought into my life by my daughter Anji, but more about him later. My dream began on my eight birthday...
  8. Susan, reinventing her life over 50 and her path to 5 Tibetans Yoga

    Article by Susan Westbrook I can bring the moment to my mind in a flash. I was 50 years old, sitting on a bed pillow with my back against a bare wall. I was eating my dinner from a paper plate; alone in an empty apartment in a strange new place 3,000 miles from home. Listening to a familiar song playing on my laptop, I had a clear sense of balance and freedom that had long escaped me as a professional educator, single mom, and somebody’s partner. Changing my life completely In the process of shifting gears and moving in the direction of my inner guidance I did more than leave a relationship and move across America. I ultimately gave up my house, car, and furniture, dumped the retirement fund, and moved to another country. Were I to...
  9. Sarah, loses 8 stone through walking to change her life in her 50s

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Sarah Liveing shares her experience, as she changed her life dramatically as she approached her 50s by losing 8 stone through walking!  What was life like for you pre the weight loss? My life prior to weight loss was not a good place to be.  I was angry mostly with myself but projected it out to others and I felt disgusted with who I was. I had no confidence and very low self-esteem.  I was very unhappy and blamed everyone else for the way I felt.  It was my mother’s fault for taking me to a diet club when I was 11 and not overweight, it was also my mum who took me to dieticians, hypnotherapists, a health farm etc. and every time I got the message that I...
  10. Olga, from shopper to model at 62 as she takes part in a national TV campaign

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon We often comment on Fab after Fifty about the fact that so many brands ignore women over 50 in their marketing campaigns, or use 20 something models to convince us that we want to buy something- why do they not use real women? Olga Nicole Taylor, our latest ‘Fabwoman’ who is not a professional model, has found herself at 62 , being cast in the TK Maxx advertising campaign representing ‘real women’. Olga shares her story with Fab after Fifty of how she went from shopping at her local high street store- to modelling for them in a...
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