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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Retired nurse Sallie Buck, now helping to fight malaria and malnutrition in Kenya

    Article by Fabafterfifty Sallie Buck, our latest ‘Fabwoman’ showcasing how effective woman over 50 can be, is an incredibly inspiring over 50  an incredible and inspiring woman. She is 61 and lives in Exeter. A mother of three (and grandmother) Sallie was a practice nurse for 43 years. Sadly, 8 years ago Sallie’s husband died. Determined to carry on living her life to the full, Sallie completed a diploma in tropical medicine where she met fellow nurses Noreen and Joanna. Joanna had for 2 years been personally supporting a small clininc in rural Kenya. Inspired by her work, Sallie got involved and soon became heavily involved with the charity’s work and when Friends of Buburi gained charitable status in...
  2. ‘Fabpreneur’ Norma transferred her teaching skills in art to making mosaics for A-listers

    Article by PRIME Norma Vondee was a talented and dedicated teacher for many years at tough secondary schools in inner London. Becoming a divorced new mum at 40, she found going back to teach did not suit her, that the hard edge you so often need when teaching, had been lost.  Norma, saw an opportunity to try a different career path and developed her part time hobby into a full time passion, small commissions made with skill and enthusiasm soon became bigger ones. She needed to do an MA in Art and Architecture to be able to compete.  Norma began to make business connections by joining a group called Forward at Fifty.  This group allowed...
  3. Divorcing at 59 and reinventing her life. Sue shares her journey to happiness

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon At the age of 59, having been married for 37 years, Sue woke up one morning and decided ‘It’s Time to be Happy’, and made the painful decision to end her marriage. That was in 2004. There was no single event to trigger her decision, just the realisation that she had been unhappy for many years, a moment when she just saw emptiness. As Sue says “The truth sets you free, but it hurts”. Even though she knew they still both loved each other, for Sue divorce was now inevitable. Sue looked back at a journal she had started in 1982, and on page one she had listed all the things that made her unhappy in her marriage at that time. On Page two Sue had...
  4. Donna Africa “The Queen of Dreams” feeling fit and fine after 50 years young!

    Article by Donna Africa Donna has transformed her life completely over the last few years, creating a new ‘persona’ and opening up new horizons, including participating in Britain’s Got Talent and scheduled to perform at the London Olympics. Donna shares her story: I call myself Donna Africa (My Stage & Company name) and affectionately nick-named by my friends and fans, “The Queen of dreams” as I relocated from my homelands, Zimbabwe and South Africa to the UK in 2004 to take care of my late Mum, start a new beginning and to finally realise my dreams, believing and advocating, that it is never too late!!! In the year 2004, whilst my son Chris and I were living in Green Point, Cape Town and employed on contract...
  5. How did you celebrate your 50th birthday? Sharon cycled across India and Kenya’s next!

    Article by Fabafterfifty Just to prove the point that women get bolder, not older over 50, Sharon decided to celebrate her 50th birthday by doing something entirely out of her comfort zone. With her children growing up and having more time on her hands, Sharon decided she would do something different to celebrate her milestone birthday, while helping others at the same time. Having already won the physical challenge of running a marathon, her plan was to run four marathons- one for each of her children but she has already surpassed that (in fact Sharon will run her 10th London marathon this April), the opportunity to cycle across India and raise money for her chosen charity was appealing. As Sharon says, she saw a side of India she would never have seen as a traditional...
  6. Tricia and 27 women over 50 (all non-runners), training to run the marathon together

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon When Tricia Ellis decided to run her first marathon, she decided she didn’t want to do it alone.  Always a keen runner (but never having run a marathon), Tricia thought it would be ideal if other 50 something ladies joined her in her challenge. Tricia had no idea, how placing a request for a running partner of the Blackpool Evening  Gazette  18 months ago, would change her life, or the lives of the other women who joined her in her training and her goal. Tricia’s only request when asking others to join her  was they were new to running, and that were all over 50. 37 women turned up in the church hall that first evening, 27 are still with her on her journey....
  7. Christine, surviving breast cancer in her 50s led to a new life and inspired a new career

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Christine was dreading turning 50. In fact she had to be practically dragged to her 50th birthday. For Christine turning 50 seemed to be the first step in ‘getting old’.  She didn’t want to become the person she thought the over 50s were perceived to be or change the way she dressed to fit into what she believed the over 50 mould. Now, however, Christine, is happier than she has ever been. In fact she believes it is a privilege to get older, and age no longer seems relevant. Four months after her 50th birthday, Christine received the devastating news that she had breast cancer. Recently divorced (after a 30 year marriage) it was the last thing she had anticipated as she  started her new life, and new relationship. With...
  8. Ellie, emigrated to Australia in her 50s and started a new career in her 60s

    Article by Ellie Wilkie Everyone said we must be mad! It was 1998 when my husband and I accidentally migrated to Australia. One cold dark Scottish winter afternoon we received a phone call offering my husband a semi ex-pat package to Perth, Western Australia. We expected to be there for maybe a year on a temporary work visa. We were unusual in the oil industry in that we had never lived overseas. We were in our fifties and we thought this might be the last chance we had, but we had a daughter in University and a 16 year old daughter about to go into her final year at school, who flatly refused to come with us, plus a much loved old dog who wouldn’t die. We were settled in a...
  9. Jan, moving from corporate life to a new career in comedy and poetry

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon How easy is it to reinvent your career in your fifties? Jan Jack, our latest ‘fabwoman’ has done just that! How have you changed your career since turning 50? I’d spent my whole life as a secretary, and at the age of 47 performed my first stand up gig.  It was the start of a complete change of direction.  A year later, whilst still a secretary, I opened my own comedy club (Jan Jack’s Laughter-House), and published my book of naughty verse Muffs Chuffs & Nonsense (Poems for Grown Ups). I gave up Corporate life just before my 50th birthday and subsequently set up Perfect Verse, my bespoke poetry writing business.  So in addition to running Laughter-House I now write wedding speeches,...
  10. Christyne, going from strength to strength since being featured as a ‘Fabwoman’

    Guest Article by Christyne Since our original feature on Christyne in our ‘Fabwomen’ section, her life has had plenty of reasons for celebration! A great role model for anyone wanting to be Fab After 50! I was featured in your very interesting online magazine Fabafterfifty on the 22nd May under title of Fab Women. This is a update for Fabafterfifty on what I have done since then… After appearing in the Independent Newspaper colour magazine which was due to the article about me in your magazine… I have never looked back. I was asked by LK Bennet to model their range of clothes in June and shortly after that I did a show for a boutique that sells exclusive designer wear etc. I was even asked to appear in a charity 2012 calendar and am...
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